Monday, April 24, 2006


Gang, my dad, my SM, my knitting Grammy and my knitting Great-Auntie are heading to Pennsylvania on Wednesday or Thursday.

Can you recommend any yarn shops for them to visit? They will be going to Strasburg, which is near Lancaster.


  1. Maybe amandamonkey would know a few. (
    See you tonight!

  2. Oh, Susanna, which is on the western side of Lancaster, if it's still there is a funny and interesting shop. It's like a yarn museum -- discontinued treasures are buried in the mess from years gone by. Just don't expect to find anything easily, but it's a hoot.

    Five years ago I would have known the shops out there, but these days who knows what the landscape is like.

    When are you coming to PA?

  3. Oh, Susanna is still here, there is also Kitnit on the eastern side of town, Ball and Skein above Lititz, West Earl Woolen Mill in Brownstown, Labadie Looms in Smoketown (probably the closest to Strasburg) -- these are the ones I've been to.

    Others listed in the yellow pages include: Legacy Yarn Company in Willow Street (yes, it's a town), Olde Peddler Wools in Morgantown, The Hackenberger House & Yarn Cottage in Intercourse (yes, also a town), and Uncommon Threads in York. Of course, if they go all the way to York, they may as well continue on to East Berlin and go to The Mannings.

    That enough for you? Too much, maybe?