Saturday, May 13, 2006

Can't stay for long, Just turn around, and I'm gone again

I'm feeling like the Littlest Hobo this week.

Just to recap:
Monday - Wednesday: Business trip to the Miramichi.

Wednesday and Thursday: Two sleeps in my own bed.

Friday: I took the train to Moncton,with Henry. My cousin picked me up and we drove to Woodstock.

Henry was "acting the fool" in the car. I bought some candy* for the trip. Henry decided that he wanted to play with some of it. There are rather incriminating photos. I'll share when I can upload at home.

I stayed at my aunt's house last night.

Saturday: This afternoon was the memorial service for my great-aunt Doris who passed away on May 3rd. She was an "interesting lady" who deserves a post of her own. Let me warm you up by telling you what I said to my aunt Jan today, "If there was anything I'd want to have to remember Doris by, it would be her wigs." Oh, the stories...

At this point, I'm at my dad's house in St. George. I'm spending tomorrow here and then on Monday I'm driving my grandmother and my great-aunt (Two of the members of the Holy Trinity of Knitting) to Dartmouth to see their sister.

Clapotis update: I'm over 2/3rds done. Trains are ideal for knitting. I'm using Handmaiden yarn (linen and silk). It's yummy. I'm really pleased with how quickly it's going b/c I want to take it to EDMONTON when I go on June 3rd. Now that I've put that in print, I will promptly accidentally pull the needles out of the knitting and spend the rest of the night crying.

NOTE TO JAK: I said hi to the trees. They want to know when you're coming home again. I've never wanted to move home more than I did today when we were driving through the woods to St. George.

*If you're ever in Halifax, and you like candy, you need to go visit the Freak Lunchbox. No "ifs", "ands", "buts" or "maybes", you must go.


  1. Maybe tomorrow, I'll wanna settle dow-ow-own...until tomorrow, I'll just keep movin' dum ba dum bum!

    Thank you for that. I'll be "enjoying" The Littlest Hobo for days now. :)

    (I'm glad you're having a good trip)

  2. Right now FL's has "Lucy Lu spent $2.36 here" painted on their window.

  3. Miramichi, ick! The only good thing left there now is Ben's, (burger joint) and that's going to close soon.
    Chatham is my hometown, so I'm allowed to criticize it.