Saturday, May 20, 2006

Travels WIth Henry

As I said in my previous post, I've been doing some travelling. I've been home since Monday but haven't had the time to post. Between hanging out with Mr. Happy, teaching a sock class, harvesting my dandelion greens (that would be mowing the lawn) and cleaning up some new (to us) furniture, it's been hectic here at the Happy Household. Heh. If only you knew how ironic it is to say "Happy Household". *snort*

Henry continues to shadow me at work. I have been told that his prescence is part of a Federal "Back To Work" program and that I can expect him to be with me for another month. I saw the forms from this so-called "program" and raised an eyebrow when I saw that the ink looked quite similar to that of my favourite pen that has been missing since Henry's visit to my office.

Regardless, he came along with me on a recent business trip to the Miramichi region of New Brunswick. We drove up with two of my coworkers. Henry sat in the front and blathered on about himself. My coworkers didn't seem to mind, but seriously? I've heard those stories sooooo many times now.

When we got to the hotel, we were all in need of some quiet time before supper. Henry was bunking up with me. While I freshened up and unpacked the few things I'd need for our dinner meeting, Henry flipped on the TV.

Henry at the Rodd Miramichi

He flipped through the channels and settled on Dr. Phil. He called me out of the washroom, and insisted that I watch it. He said, and I quote, "Perhaps you'll learn something you can use in your life."

I gave him the hairy eyeball and went back to powdering my nose and taking deep breaths.

I left for dinner and as Henry wasn't expected to dine with us, he said he'd rather check out the down, grab a slice and meet me afterward, on the walking trail behind the hotel. I found him here:

Henry on the Mighty Miramichi

...enjoying the view.

I sat beside him and watched the sun go down.

Henry and the sunset

It was a lovely evening.

A passerby stopped and offered to take a photo of us together. How could we refuse?

Henry and me

Once we got back to the hotel, we put on our jammies and crawled into our beds.

Henry checked out the room service menu and planned his breakfast.

Henry orders room service

We watched Medium and then turned out the light. It was like a sleepover with an old friend - Henry and I talked into the darkness for about an hour. Telling each other our deep dark secrets and discussing our hopes and dreams. I think we finally bonded and achieved some level of understanding of each other. It was nice, too, to have company on the road. It can be lonely in hotel rooms with only the blue light of the television for company.

I wanted to tell Henry that I appreciated his company, but his only response was a soft snore.


  1. What a nice sunset! And I'm glad to hear you and Henry have bonded. We'll have to take him to the Heritage Farm in June when they do their next shearing day!

  2. We need to do a "Friends for Henry" knit along! For a little monster with no face he is pretty spunky.

  3. Henry's personality it so complex! I loves him.

    Went to Tangled Skeins yesterday. Great selection! I'll have to pick at project so I can use some of that Rowan wool.