Monday, May 29, 2006

Ominous Skies - Last week

Here is a review of May 22nd, the Monday of our delightful Victoria Day long-weekend.

7am - woke up to sun. Rolled over and dozed. Sigh. Holidays are lovely.

8am - woke up to hazey skies. Hmph.

11am - stuck head out door and saw this:

Ominous Sky1

and this:

Ominous Sky 2

Realized that my decision to spend the previous day washing and hanging out clothes was smart, because moments after those photos were taken, this happened:


What's that? You need a closer look?


Yup. That's hail.

The locusts are due to arrive next week. Please be prepared.


  1. Locusts are not cool. Did you have to disect them in high school? I know the locusts will have their day.
    Then we're all screwed.

  2. When did it hail? I totally missed that. Or did it only hail on your side of the harbour?

    Very very odd.

  3. I agree with Moe, there was no hail on this side of the harbour. Seems to me it was nice all day over here. Blackflies now that is another story....

  4. Uncle "K"2:24 a.m.

    OK, start creating good Karma Steph and speak well of the hail. As it looks at this point, there is increasing hope for good weather for Jasper on Monday and Tuesday. Think sunny, warm, clear skys, snow capped Mts, cycling amongst lodge pole pines and wishing you could make it to the grungyest Esso washroom cause you are 100 feet off the deck on a rope being held by "ME". Oh you just can't wait, can you. Oh yes, remember to say feta and spinach pizza at the Emporium. It's magical.. AND one more thing, no locust please !!

  5. I missed the hail too. Actually I missed the whole day, I can't remember what went on for the life of me...

  6. Hey, that is a really cool shot you got of the hail coming down. You get a real sense of the motion of it.