Sunday, May 07, 2006

They Say It's Spring...

...this feeling light as a feather, came with the weather toooooooo!

With thanks to Blossom Dearie, whose voice is singing that song over-and-over in my head.

It's warm here today. All you people struggling around Maryland with your heavy, warm, wooly purchases are (I hope) cursing this heat. Yes, I'm sure all of you in Maryland are just wishing that you were somewhere far, far away from the heat and the crowds, the yarn and all those braying, bleating animals.

I'm sure you would all rather be at home, working in your gardens, or sitting outside with me, eating brownies, sipping tea and knitting. Yes, here on the ranch, I am lounging on my back porch, knitting in the sunshine, listening to the neighbour's deliquent son's hip hop music, watching another neighbour mow the lawn and absolutely LOVING every little ray of sunshine pouring down on me. I really just came in to top up my iced tea. Yeah. That's it.

Here are a couple links to a couple of shirts I have been telling the girls about:

These are from Very Mom:

This, apparently, is the reason I blog.

and this? well, this is the shirt that I think all of us knit-blogging HRM knitters need.

A question for the "oh so wise" internet... I'm thinking about selling my stitch markers online. Any advice as to how I should go about it? Thanks!


  1. Ebay is always a good start. You can even set up a shop, although I'm not too familiar with the ins and outs of that.

  2. My friend Dani uses Etsy ( with a ton of success - she's at knittingsunshine.blogspot and is super-helpful.

    You're right - MDSW totally sucked.