Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Adventures in Alberta

When I get back to the East Coast, please remind me to tell you all about:

1. Elk
2. Mountain Goats
3. Deer
4. How fast I can run when a black bear comes up behind me.
5. The yarn shop in Jasper, AB
6. Rock climbing
7. Real MOUNTAIN-mountain biking (well, for beginners)
8. The best bakery in Jasper
9. Henry's adventures
10. Why my aunt and uncle are the best in the world.


  1. Anonymous8:06 a.m.

    That sounds like so. much. fun. !!!

    I *think* you are not supposed to run away from bears. Be careful.

    Mr Moe saw Elk when he as in Banff for a conference earlier this year - he says they are bigger than he thought they would be.

  2. I think that there are different ways to deal with different bears...some you run from, although with Grizzleys (?) that only makes them angry...others you play dead, some you climb trees (but some bears climb trees too, so if it's a tree climbing bear, don't do that)...basically for every bear, there is a different get-away strategies and for every get-away stragety there is a kind of bear that it'll be so much worse for you if you do that. Apparently though, bears are top heavy and cannot run downhill without falling...
    All in all, glad to hear you escaped safely, I eagerly await stories when you return!

  3. Guys, just a thought here:

    I'm still alive. Let's not discuss the woulda, shoulda, coulda. There are different ways to deal with different bears.

    While this guy seemed ambivalent about us and seemed more concerned about his berry patch, there have been more people killed by black bears in the last few years than by Grizzlies, so we didn't take any chances: My aunt and I walked out of his line of sight and then beat it out of there.

    I'll post photos, etc, when I get home so you can see where I was and WHY we chose to move quickly.

    Trust me, the rock climbing was more frightening than the bear.

  4. bears schmears.... squirrels are wat you really need to be frightened of. Those things can corner you so easily and before you know it they are halfway up your leg.
    (I've told you my bear story right? the one where I was more worried about how my hair looked then being eaten by the bear?)

  5. I passed the security thing FIRST TRY. that totally never happens.
    I rock.