Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Henry in the Rockies

Henry has finally recovered from his jetlag. I think the lecture I doled out about how he shouldn't be staying out late, sleeping in, and demanding breakfast in bed, may have helped. Perhaps the days of him being a general PITA are over. I live in a perpetual state of HOPE!

Henry really loved Alberta. He thinks he could be an outdoorsman. I think he has to get over his propensity to whine when put upon to sleep on an air mattress. I think he was spoiled by the first few nights in Edmonton at the Westin, enjoying their "Heavenly Mattress". It's the Simmons Beautyrest Pillowtop - I have to agree, they are heavenly.

Here he is at the Westin, doing his best Vanna Wh*ite impression with my Koigu Sock.

Henry With Sock in Edmonton

The pattern is River Rapids from The Sock Bug. (Amazing patterns on her sidebar!!!!)

Auntie K and Uncle K live in a prairie town just about an hour northwest of Edmonton. Henry decided that he didn't want to impose on them while he was there and chose to check in to the local hotel.

Henry checks in

I told him that he was being ridiculous, but he insisted. I'm still not sure where he got the credit card to pay for it, but I'm not going to question him.

I really don't think that his issue was the air mattress. I think his real fear was Willie.

Henry meets Willie

I guess I shouldn't have thrown Henry down the hall and told Willie to "get him!!!!"

We drove to Jasper on Monday. Henry was so fidgety in the car that I couldn't hold on to him. It was like taking a cat to the vet without a crate. Finally, he settled in as the navigator. Thank goodness my aunt and uncle have been to Jasper many times. Henry's map reading abilities leave a lot to be desired.


His instructions consisted of "Head toward that big mountainous-looking thing." He is really quite lucky that he made it to Jasper. After the billionth, "Are we there yet?", my uncle gave him the choice to WALK to the Rockies or to SHUT UP FERGOODNESSSAKES!

Once we entered Jasper and started seeing the speed limit signs, Henry gave a little gasp.

Road Signs

At first I wasn't sure whether it was fear or awe, then I realized what was going through his little green noggin. It took me a while to make him understand that the "maximum 70" was for the vehicles travelling on the roads. The animals on the signs don't necessarily run at a rate of 70km/hr. We had quite a chuckle when he realized his error.

We checked into the Pine Bungalows and then drove into town for a bite to eat. Henry was like every other tourist in town: Every time I turned around he was handing the camera to someone and making these wild gestures to indicate that he would like them to take a photo. Most of the people spoke English, so the gestures were not only unnecessary, but they were as funny as heck.

Henry with the big-horned sheep:

Henry's wild ride

Henry with Jasper:

Jasper meets Henry

Who is Jasper?:

Jasper's story

Henry with his personal mantra:


Ok, that's enough for today. Henry has toddled off to the kitchen for a snack.


  1. Henry must really need that snack after all those adventures. And to build up his energy for Germany, if he's still going...

  2. I only hope BC will be fun for Henry after all these other adventures. I'm sure Birdie will keep him on his toes....

  3. Henry is so delightful, I love reading his adventures. And meeting him in person last night was such a thrill! (BTW, Steph you really ought to consider compling his adventures into a book format...I see a series "Henry goes to..." sort of certainly have the talent)

  4. Willie is sweet! I'm picturing him chasing Henry down the hall and shaking the heck out of him, no wonder he decided to stay at the motel...

  5. What exactly does Henry snack on and I too wonder where he got the $$$ to stay in the hotel...? Is there a job market for lime green amigurumi??? Why is it raining again? Why does the word verification thingy feel like an IQ test? These are the questions that are leaving me sleepless.

  6. I wouldn't let Henry mix with Dolores from the Panopticon (, she would only heighten his tendencies towards self-indulgence!

  7. I would love to fix Henry a snack in my kitchen. I'm sure he'd love the walk-ins...