Saturday, June 17, 2006

Extreme Sports Enthusiast: Henry

While in Alberta, Henry decided that he would like to try some "extreme sports". (More extreme than his usual sleeping 'til noon and leaving all his laundry in piles around his room.)

He announced this, in earnest, upon our arrival in Jasper. I admit to being skeptical, but knowing that I shouldn't dissuade him from trying new things, I asked him what he wanted to try. He listed a number of things, some of which are impossible for a green knitted monster, but others which weren't entirely unreasonable:

1. Swim with sharks. (uh, NO!)
2. Rock Climbing
3. Hang Gliding (I may have to arrange something when we go to the family property in the fall.)
4. Mountain biking
5. Insulting British soccer fans (now I'm worried about Henry's upcoming trip)

We hiked up to Old Fort Point on the first day of our trip.

Henry and Steph

I did some knitting on the River Rapids Socks (from Sockbug).

Old Fort Point

...and Henry found some rocks to climb.

Henry climbs the wall on OFP

As Uncle K says, "Rock climbing is about having fun and doing your personal best." Henry did his best. I think he's a natural.

After reaching the peak, Henry took a moment to contemplate the view.

Henry admires the view

It was all very Zen until Uncle K did this:

Uncle K threatens Henry

Henry chose that exact moment to turn around. He was horrified. It took us two hours to convince him that it was a joke and Uncle K wouldn't really kick him over the edge.

On the second day of our trip to Jasper, Henry got to come along on our mountain biking trip. I was ready to leave him home after he offered up fashion advice to my aunt and I.

Henry expresses his dismay over our fashion statement

We were going BIKING, we weren't going to fashion week in Paris! And my aunt's feet were cold! She didn't bike in the sandals. She changed out of them later! yeesh.

We strapped Henry onto Uncle K's bike and rode some of the paths around Maligne Canyon and Falls.

Henry bikes with Uncle K

Henry screamed like a little girl. So much for the sportsman. At least he kept the wildlife aware of us; one doesn't want to startle the animals.

It wasn't until we stopped at Lake Annette that Henry stopped whimpering. He and Uncle K relaxed on the beach.

Lake Annette

It was here that Henry decided that he would like to live in Jasper. I'm pretty sure that I could be happy there too:

On the way to Athabasca Falls


  1. Henry please please please come visit us in Vancouver - birdie really wants to meet you.

  2. For a bit of lime green wool Henry sure has great adventures. I trust he wore a helmet on the bike ride... The shot of him & Uncle K on the lakeshore is priceless. Henry needs a sun hat. Does Henry have his passport? Are there special customs rules for lime green amigurumi travelling across the pond?

  3. You should take Henry out snowboarding. He's such a knarly-dude, dude.

  4. Sigh....I love Henry. I feel so much better after a "Henry Fix".

  5. Whoa, Henry's more athletic than I am. He's a charmer.

  6. What a fantastic place. I love the relaxing in the sand photo.

  7. What a beautiful trip!

    You know, I'm sure Henry would be a lot less confident after a few minutes in Barley's mouth. Feel free to send him down to Chicago if he needs an attitude adjustment.