Friday, July 28, 2006

Heads up (with edits)

1. The Heavy Blinkers are playing tonight at 7pm at the One World Cafe on Agricola Street in Halifax. It's an all ages show, so please, leave your flasks, your I.V. drugs and your roach clips at home. (Yeah, 'cause everyone I know is an IV drug using alcoholic who uses medicinal marijuana... not.) It will also be very hot in the cafe, so dress appropriately and order your caffeine cold.

2. I will be enabling yarn purchases at Tangled Skeins tomorrow from 10am - 5pm. You're all welcome to come for a visit. You're even more welcome if you call ahead and let me know you're on your way and ask if I need a caffeinated beverage from Starr's (for which I will reimburse you). I suspect, however, that Mr. Happy will take care of my caffeine needs before he goes to work.

In the "Further Evidence That I Am a Moron" department:
Yesterday morning, I left the house without my keys. Although I had been in Halifax for a meeting and had even seen Mr. Happy after the meeting, I didn't realize I had forgotten my keys until I was getting ready to leave the office.

I really wanted to see Jen (and the new yarn) at the shop before she left for the day. So first, I madly biked to the shop. I arrived about 8 minutes before closing. I saw the new yarn. It's gooooooood.
Then I hopped on my bike, pedalled up PINE STREET, (UGH), pedalled past my house (Not thinking to drop off my backpack with the neighbour...) and pedalled across the bridge. I picked up the key and headed home.
It took me 1.5 hours to do all this. I think I lost an entire pound in SWEAT. It was so hot out yesterday! UGH.
*Knitting content and vacation photos will hopefully be posted some time this weekend. Also, oh the thrills: photos of my freshly painted house! Get the smelling salts: they're all swooning from the excitement.
...and the shed that must die? It's almost dead. We're showing our "Redneck" tendencies with it this week.


  1. I just saw the new yarn, too. Drooooooollll.....
    I still don't know the mister's ETA, but hopefully I can make the show!

  2. Hot!!!! I thought it was hot pushing a wheelchair around the Public Gardens, I can't imagine biking it across the two cities. You deserve an award or a least a cold beer. BTW you need a hidey place for a key(s)... just sayin'

  3. Okay, I CAN make the show! Yay!

  4. Sorry I didn't make it to the show. I'm boring and old and sat at home knitting a dishcloth. *sigh*

  5. Wah- that is totally something I would do.

    When is this heat going to end?? HATE.