Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Home Again, home again...

I'm home. Have been for a few days now. I'm also back to work. ugh. Here's a quick bit of randomness for you:

1. Vacation was amazing. Lots of swimming (the water was the perfect temperature), lots of walks, lots of reading, lots of knitting.
Typical cottage conversation:
Steph: "Suzanne, do you want me to make brownies for dessert tonight?"
Suzanne, looking up from book: "mmmm-wha? Sorry, what was that."
Steph: "Brownies?"
Suzanne, eyes lighting up: "Yeah. Brownies."

Another typical conversation:
Suzanne: "I'm making tea. Do you want some?"
Steph and MIL: "please!"
Steph: "I'll get the cookies."

2. In the bug bite department: This year I sustained three nasty insect bites. I think that I've developed a nice allergy to horseflies.

The first two were definitely horsefly bites. I photographed the first one (On the back of my thigh) but thought it looked too much like those text book photos that make you go "Ew", so I deleted it. It was 10 cm in diameter, red and nasty looking. The second bite was on my right foot. One day with the ice pack and lots of Benadryl later, it was better.

I think the last bite was a spider bite - it itched like crazy and took two full days for the swelling to go down.

What has happened to me? Has my immune system forgotten its roots? I'm a country girl, ferheavensakes! I can't be allergic to fly bites.

3. The outside of my house is painted. It looks lovely. I think we have the finest looking house on our street right now, if I can be so bold.

Now I just have to pay the painters. I know. You all thought we were going to do it ourselves. After some really optimistic discussions about painting the house, Mr. Happy and I decided to hire painters. We've painted rooms inside our house together without too many incidents, but the outside of the house is just so much bigger and our neighbour would be counting on us to not take all summer and all fall to do it. (Our house is semi-detached.)

We finally made our decision based on the following facts:
a. We didn't want to spend our entire summer on scaffolding, scraping and painting
b. We didn't want to risk our lives on the scaffolding (our house is no shrinking violet)
c. Our neighbour was already hiring them to paint her side, so we figured it was just as easy for them to do the entire house
d. Paying the painters was cheaper than getting a divorce, selling the house, dividing up our stuff and moving. 'cause painting the house together would certainly have led to divorce

We're considering the risk of building a deck. We'll let you know how that goes. We may start marriage counselling in advance. Just to gain some coping skills.

4. Mr. Happy's band is playing this Friday night at the One World Cafeon Gottigen Street in Halifax. You're all invited. The venue hold about 80 people. I hope you'll all fit. Ok, I know it's rather presumptuous of me, but a girl can dream, right? It would be a fun party, though, I'm sure.

5. I have always had a mole on my right arm. Last night at KOL I discovered that it has two hairs sprouting from it in such a way that it appears to have a Fu Manchu Moustache. I think my mole may have a career in show business. He wants to audition for movie roles. I wonder if Minou has any connections?


  1. Congratulations on the discovery of your talented mole! I see big things ahead for you both.

    In other news, have I told you lately that your blog is awesome?

    That is all.

  2. You really can find everything on Wikipedia. I wonder if I'm listed....

  3. I was still thinking about the Fu Manchu and the Bagel this morning. You are twisted. And this is something coming from the girl who can stick her fist in her mouth.

  4. I love your vacation conversations. Sounds perfect in every way. Good call on the hiring of the painters. Of course, there IS the payment thing.......

  5. Welcome back Stephanie!
    I've missed your cheering entries, even though I'm glad you had a great vacation.

    Take care,