Saturday, July 15, 2006

Vacation Begins

Today is the first day of my first week of vacation. YAY! I'm taking a week now and another week in August before Becca and Troy's wedding. Last night I stayed at work until 6pm, tieing up loose ends, tidying my desk... hiding my chocolate stash from the addicts I work with...

This morning on my first glorious day of vacation, Mr. Happy and I went down to Starr's Bakery and Dessert Cafe.

Saturday at Starr's

They make the BEST Mochachinos. And, the owner recognized us this morning. She's so sweet.

Then we made our way to Halifax. On the way through the toll booth at the bridge we saw this:

Saturday morning bummer

The owner of the car was sitting on the railing of the bridge. He looked like he wanted to cry. Mr. Happy told me that my "car freak heritage" was showing when I said, "Oh, that makes me want to cry; can you imagine how hard it's going to be for him to find parts?" Ok, so he didn't really say that, but it sounds nicer than "inner hick."

I dropped Mr. Happy off at work where he and his band are working on their new album. I turned down past the Citadel and headed toward the waterfront and the Brewery Market. I had one very specific purpose in mind for going to the market...

Gouda - That Dutchman's Farm

That, my friends, is some of the best Gouda in this province. It is from That Dutchman's Farm. No, really, that's the name of the farm. The garlic gouda is my personal favourite. I haven't tried the sundried tomato gouda, but it just sounds gooooooood. It is unpasteurized, but it is sooooo good.

When I got home from all my errands, these three were sitting together in the kitchen.

Saturday trio

They seem to think that I should cater to their every need. They want mini pizzas. I want Albert to get packed for summer camp. I want Henry to get a job. I want Mauve to stop hogging the internet looking up reality TV show listings and websites. We all want alot of things. Doesn't mean we're going to get them.

In knitting news, it seems that the third time is the charm:

Saturday sock

I hope Dad likes it.

In Dad news: It seems my dad has injured himself while sweeping the floor.

He was puttering in the garage while waiting for friends to pick up him and my SM. He had the broom out and was sweeping. When he got in the truck he noticed his eye was bothering him but thought it was his allergies, as their friends had been out with their horses to which my dad is allergic.

A few days later, he ended up in the optometrist's office. The doctor said he has something that looks like a piece of steel in his cornea right in the center of his pupil. The doctor wasn't hopeful that it could be removed without causing scarring. Dad sought a second opinion with our old optometrist in Maine, who thought that perhaps they could get the steel out by PEELING BACK HIS CORNEA , cutting it off and hoping it regrows without a SCAR. OWEE.

This just makes me really sad. My dad's vision has always been really great. He didn't need reading glasses until he was in his 50s, which is nothing short of miracle for a pharmacist who reads fine print on medicine bottles all the time. Now, he said this thing in his eye makes everything just a little blurry, like he's using binoculars that haven't been adjusted properly. I, on the other hand, have had horrible vision from the time I was 10, so I know it's not fun when everything is blurry.

When I told someone about Dad's eye, this person asked, "Was he wearing safety glasses?" to which I responded, with incredulity, "to sweep the floor?" Yeesh.


  1. Oooh, your poor Dad! A girl I used to work with had to rush her man to emerg once because he was doing something with metal (no googles though, when he should have) and they sent him to a specialist in Halifax who did something with a laser to close the wound. I guess it lessons the chance of scarring. I wish I could remember all the details now so I could pass them on to you...I hope he gets better really soon!

  2. Vacations rock. Especially when they involve gouda. And where is Starr's? Looks divine!

  3. Sorry about your Dad, a former boss had same thing happen to him too (although his was not sweeping related) He came through fine no problems with his vision after his treatment & recovery.

    Hmmm, now those three look up to no good, they all look a bit dishevelled. I am going to assume this is because they were out doing the yard work for you while you drove Mr Happy to work. BTW Mauve only like green olives, mushrooms, and bacon on her pizza... oh and zucchini if they have it.

    Love That Dutchman's Cheese, I always pick up a jar of 'smeerkaas' and a tea ring too... YUM!

  4. Anonymous3:29 p.m.

    I think the Dutchman gouda is the best in the world (yeah, I said it).

    Mauve and I have pizza in common - I love the green olives, mushrooms, and bacon combo.

    Your poor dad - I think anything involving eye surgery sounds horrific. (And also, anything that requires cutting the inside of one's mouth.)

  5. Starr's is on Portland, you can combine a trip to Tangled Skeins and a trip to Starr's with great ease. Haven't been in yet, but the folks at work all rave about it.

    And my brother did something similar with his eye too, while working on his car. Some days I'm really glad I wear glasses! Hope he has a speedy recovery.

  6. My dad got bleach in his eye a few years back from cleaning the bathroom ceiling. He's fine now, but felt pretty sheepish.
    I'm sure your dad will be fine.
    Oh, and Starr's rocks. So does that gouda.

  7. Will have to pick some Gouda for Mr. Ninja next weekend - he's the cheese fan in the house. Sympathies to your dad - hope he's doing better. :( Enjoy your holiday - the hardest part is deciding what knitting to pack.

  8. Eye surgery - eeeurrrghhhh. My dad has had quite a few himself. I hope your dad's problem can be fixed without too much trauma. The surgeries weren't too bad for my dad, it was just the way he had to spend his recovery time - always with his face parallel to the floor. For over a week, can you believe it?!? Something about an air bubble that had to be kept in the proper position...

    Enjoy your vacation!