Sunday, July 09, 2006

It Rained - The Shed is Still Alive

It rained here today. I'm not made of sugar, but instead of going out in the rain, I MADE something with sugar.

I found the Cup Cake Bake Shop this week. I couldn't let the weekend go by without trying one of her recipes.

I chose to make the Rich Chocolate Cupcakes Filled with Chocolate-Mint Ganache, Topped with Mint Buttercream.

Rich Chocolate cupcakes

These are the cupcakes - I didn't quite have the right chocolate for the cupcakes (70% cocoa, instead of the recommended 61%), but they are still light, fluffy and the perfect "chewiness".

There's a hole in my cupcake

There's a hole in my cupcake dear Liza.

Ganache filling

So fix it dear Henry... (heh heh... too much Sesame Street).

With Ganache

Rich chocolate cupcakes  + Mint

(I didn't quite cover the "scar" on the cupcake at the bottom of this photo. But who is going to care when they are biting down on it?)


  1. Oh lordy you've found the dark side Food blogs... If I might add to your addiction
    and I have a few others featured on my blog links page.

  2. *shifty look*

    Did you make enough to share with the class?

    *ducks and runs from the ensuing cupcake riot*

  3. OOOHHH!!! Those look much better than the "from a box" cakes the kids and I made the other day. When I was in 4th grade, we sang the hole in the bucket song in music class. The girls all sang Liza's part and the boys were Henry. To this day I automatically say "then fix it dear Henry" whenever anyone complains of a hole in anything.

  4. oooh, very nice! I now have the itch to bake something (which usually means momentarily my kitchen will be in total disarray!)

  5. I heart cupcakes.

    Will Henry and Albert form a love triangle with Mauve? These are the days of our lives...

  6. I desperately want to try the Thai tea cupcakes. You opened pandora's box with the site!!

  7. Holy Cow, they look so tasty - truly sinful indeed!

  8. Wow - those look AMAZING! I can't wait until I am off this stupid detox and can eat real food again!

  9. (wipes drool off keyboard)