Sunday, July 02, 2006

My Boys are BACK!

Yay! Mr. Happy and Henry returned safely from London last night... er... this morning. Their flight was delayed, so instead of arriving at 1:47am, they arrived at 2:30am. By the time we got home, looked at some of his photos, checked out my presents (aka the "sorry you were at home while I was singing and partying with RON FREAKING SEXSMITH" gifts) and calmed Pippin down (he looooooves his Uncle Andrew), it was 4am!

Mr. Happy reported that Henry had a great time in London. He was awed by the idea of crossing the Atlantic.

Henry's first trans-Atlantic flight

As Henry didn't have enough time to contact the Queen about staying with her at Windsor Palace, he stayed with the band at their accomodations. I'm not sure how the Canadian taxpayers would feel about him sneaking in on their dime! Truth be told, I'm not sure how they feel about paying for hotel rooms for a rag-tag group of musicians from Nova Scotia. But on behalf of those musicians, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who paid those taxes. It was nice knowing that your husband was in a nice, safe place, instead of sleeping in the van with the instruments on the street in BRISTOL!

Henry has decided that he would like a similar statue depicting himself in battle.

Regent's Park

The band was nice enough to take Henry out to eat.

Henry dines with the Blinkers

Something tells me he didn't remember his table manners.

In the interest of full disclosure, Henry took quite a liking to Jenn (holding Henry) and her friend. It took Henry an hour to talk Mauve out of the bathroom after she saw this photo.

Henry with his two newest fans

Moments after this photo was taken Henry did cross Abbey Road with Jenn and her friend, but that's on video.

Henry was intending to hit the stage with the band, but after seeing the stage...

Canada Day in London

...he got intimidated.

After he saw this photo, he was really glad that he chose to go shopping:

london crowd

Upon returning home, Henry was not happy to discover that Pippin was visiting.

Henry is NOT amused

In fact, I think there's a good chance he's flipping me off in this photo.

In knitting news:
Wait 'til you see the socks I've knit!


  1. Well looks like a good trip had by all. I'm glad they're safe and sound at home. Isn't that o-dark-hundred-hour flight from Toronto a fun one? We had to wait another 20 minutes for the mister's bags after a 30 minute delay.

  2. Uh- this is me, Boufie Butterscotch- see me here -but scroll down a bit. I am interested in meeting this Pippin to have a discussion about cute. And some play play (I love play play) And maybe we play tug of war with that Henry dude.

  3. Looks like an awesome trip - my god, I can't imagine being on a stage in front of that many people. Especially considering I wouldn't have any particular talent to display, unlike your husband.

    I do believe I see a small, blue middle finger...

    (Sophie says "grunt, snort, slurp" to Pippin)

  4. Love that last picture of grumpy Henry. He's like a grumpy old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn.

  5. After reading about Henry's adventures in London, my new knitted friend Paul ( wants to come along on my trip there in the fall. There's just no arguing with an avocado....