Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada DAY!

It's a beeeeeauuuuuuutiful day here on the East Coast and the city started partying last night.

Last night I was completely exhausted by 11pm. I went out on Thursday night to see a movie. An old friend of Andrew's was in town, so we went to see Superman (Heh - Andrew may be hob-knobbing around in London, but I got to see Superman first - I think that Wolverine has a serious contender for my affection.) So, the evening ended at Tony's Donairs... The friend now lives in Toronto - he needs a yearly donair to maintain his status as a Maritimer.

Pippin is visiting and it seems he had been out late the night before as well. We groggily made our way upstairs and crawled into bed. I got up and opened the window as it was a little warm in the room for Pippin and it was then that I realized the city was having a party.

Through the open window I could hear the strains of GLASS TIGER playing "My song". GAH.

Today, Pippin and I are going to hang out around the house, maybe go for a walk, try not to get high walking past the annual "Cannabis Day" celebration. It usually takes place at the park near my house, I don't know if it is there this year. I don't think it ever really starts at any specific time... heh heh... I just know that a lot of supremely bad drumming will occur.

Mauve is outside already, sunning herself and warily eyeing Pippin. She asked that I post the photos of her initial meeting with Henry.

Henry looks into package

Henry meets mauve

Three inches of daylight!

All I can say about that last photo is that I was screaming "Three inches of daylight! I want to see THREE INCHES OF DAYLIGHT BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU!"

I admit, it wasn't my finest parenting moment. Heaven help my unborn children.

I hope that everyone has a great day - enjoy your pancake breakfasts! I am, sadly, out of maple syrup right now. I know, I know - it's a travesty.


  1. Maybe she'll actually inspire Dear Henry to settle down. That sort of thing happens all the time - Rock Star did it to me!

  2. Hey baby, I'm at my brother's right now and just came online long enough to make my little Canada day post, and what music does he start playing for me on his computer? PLATINUM BLONDE. Fuckin' a!! And I'm totally rocking out right now.

    I am twelve years old again right now.

  3. I'm listening to Moxy Fruvous to celebrate Canada Day. Happy Canada Day! Hope you and Pippin enjoy it.

  4. Happy Canada Day! My neighbors are celebrating Canada Day, too, apparently. I hear loads of firecrackers out there! :)

  5. Happy Canucks Day. You'd think that Mauve was made for Henry they look like a perfect fit...

  6. Fickle wench! Damn good thing Wolverine has that kooky regen power cuz I am sure you have broken his heart. :P

    Dare I say this, but Henry looks very, erm, *whispers* chubby next to the svelte Ms.Mauve.