Thursday, June 29, 2006

News From London

I received a brief email from Mr. Happy this morning. I was beginning to worry about him as we had agreed to communicate via email while he was gone. And we all know what an internet hog Henry can be. Here's the email:

Hi Hon,
I'm safe. Henry has already walked the abbey road crossing, ate lunch with the Ennis sisters and has been the center of attention since the trip began.

Off to Sean O'Hagan's house.

Love you and miss you,

I don't know if I should start to worry that the rockstar lifestyle will go to Henry's head.


  1. That's so cool to hear about Mr Happy and Henry's adventures in London! Must be a great time for them! :) I love the Ennis Sisters too, I first saw them in '98, a very special year for me for many reasons. Hope to see you at KOL soon, so far these days, my Tuesdays seem to be taken up with family priorities, which I enjoy, but still do miss the group. Feel free to e-mail me at ariannah at gmail dot com if you like in the meantime.

  2. Just keep Henry away from Peter Doherty and he'll be all right.

  3. Good point, meeg.

    The last thing you need is to fund a trip to rehab for Henry.

  4. Henry is a shameless SHAMELESS hussy! Gallavanting all over Europe, shmoozing with god knows who.

    I am SO jealous! :P

  5. Perhaps we should take up a collection at KOL for Henry's rehab.

    Totally unrelated, I'm going to St John's tomorow, and I know you mentioned you got cones of yarn there, and I think it was somewhere vaguely industrial... Help? Please? (If you don't want to post it here, would you email me? belisaid at hotmail) Thanks!

  6. Lisa, the yarn cones came from Woof Designs in downtown St. John's. It's a sweater shop and some of the designs are, uh, interesting... The yarn itself is old stock that they used in their designs and are now selling off. It was all the same weight and all kinda vivid 80s colours. But fun at the same time.

    I don't know if there are any "real" yarn shops over there.

    Have a great time - what project are you taking with you?

  7. Thank you! I took my sock everywhere (there are pictures) and found a cone of the softest shetland wool I have ever touched. :D