Wednesday, June 28, 2006


(Alternate title: The happy world does not revolve around Henry)

With Henry out of the country, I'd thought I'd share some actual knitting content with you. This is supposed to be a knitting blog, after all!

So, a long time ago, in a delusional state, I decided that I must make this:

vintage tank

Yeah. I'm not going to wear it. I just know it. I can't wear it to work and I need stuff for work. So I've decided that I might wear this to work:

I might wear this.

Any comments, questions or concerns, please address them to i'

Moving on, I think many of you remember this:

stupid fair isle hat

I've affectionately dubbed this little number the "Stupid Fair Isle Hat" or the "Tendonitis Hat". I designed this hat based on several patterns I'd seen. I really liked the pattern. I didn't, however, read anything on those websites about how Fair Isle should fit and how it should be knit on larger needles. Thus I ended up with this:

stupid fair isle hat2

I don't know what I was thinking. The entire hat is a disaster. It doesn't fit my "deceptively large head" nor would it fit anyone else's head. The ribbing is much too long - I originally started the hat as something else entirely. And I had no idea how I was going to decrease it. Oh, and knitting it seemed to give me tendonitis. So a decision was made:

stupid fair isle hat3

Unhappy hat, happy wrist.

L? Is this the one you meant?


Does anyone out there know what this tree is? Thanks.


  1. Ooooh...pretty tree. That's the one!

  2. I think it is called golden chain.

  3. We used to have one. My in-laws chopped it down cause the neighbour who planted it planted it over the property line. It was beautiful, now it's dead. They tried to tell me it was poisonous, but who knows.

  4. Alison! It IS poisonous!


  5. I totally love that hat pattern but I can see the trouble with it. (love the expression on your face in the pic.)

  6. Hey Punkinhead (joking),

    Love that tank! I really dig the ribbing - I think it would even work as a sweater vest in the fall/winter.

    Stay away from the fairisle - not worth it. Pretty but painful. Save that wrist for knit-blog surfing.

    Ok, you've shown us work in progress. Where are the FO's? My arm is getting tired from throwing these rocks at your glass house.

  7. Golden chain - my MIL gave us a shoot from her tree and it was finally big enough to give some chains this year.