Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Henry, Mr. Happy and the Women They've Left Behind

Henry and Mr. Happy are, to the best of my knowledge, currently sitting in a plane on the tarmac waiting to start the first leg of their journey to England.

And now, I am left with a sulking wayward amigurumi who had the audacity to mail herself to my house as some sort of "mail order" bride or girlfriend for Henry.

Yes, folks, "Mauve" has arrived at our house, complete with her bag of tricks, and set upon Henry like a lovesick teen in a room full of ballad-singing boy bands. She was horribly disappointed to hear of Henry's trip, but decided that she would stay with me (!) during his absence. I'm almost certain that I'll come home to find she has eaten all the ice cream and has whiled away the afternoon watching soap operas. Then again, I'm not entirely sure about her personality. She may be the ultimate houseguest. One should not judge a book by it's cover.

Sure, she has low-rider jeans, no underwear to speak of, a tattoo on her lower back, a belly button ring and a shirt that is both short in the waist and low cut all at the same time... But she may turn out to be a good influence on Henry. Perhaps she'll help him get his S.H.I.T. together; even get a job.

Again, I live in hope.
I wonder how she's going to fare when Pippin arrives on Friday?


  1. A mingling threads DID mention that she would probably turn up somewhere one of these days.

    To add to the list of dubious qualities, Lynne and I decided that her boobs are most certainly fake. I mean, did you feel how rock-hard they were? Please don't ask how we got to second base with her. You don't want to know.

  2. the chances of her being a good houseguest - UHMM well SLIM TO NONE.
    lock up any alcohol