Friday, June 23, 2006

Does anyone want to help me? UFOs are joining together to form an union (a union? an union?) against me. I'm worried, b/c they outnumber me. Heck, they outnumber the KOL members

...I'm working at the shop on Saturday. Please, please come visit me? There's a room for knitting. And I'll put the coffee on if you drop by. It was kinda quiet last week. I got a little snakey by the end of the day. A woman (lady, HA!) who doesn't usually frequent the shop thought that $4.70 was too much for a crochet hook. Meanwhile, it would cost her $4.00 to take the bus to and from any other craft store in the city. You do the math. I think the extra $.70 plus tax is worth it to avoid sitting next to Sweaty McSweaterson on the bus in June. But that's just me.
... We are planning to paint our house over the course of the next month. ON THE OUTSIDE. As I've mentioned before, we have an 80-year-old semi-detached house with pretty high (10 feet?) ceilings. This translates to outside walls that can reach as high as 24 feet. I'm getting nosebleeds already. Anyone want to try their hand at scraping paint? No? I'll bake brownies... Still no? uh, ok. Uncle K? Can I borrow that climbing gear?

...Mr. Happy is recording this band right now. I don't need help with them. I just want you to be aware that they are going to be rock stars. Yup. They'll be the real deal. But not here. no no... heavens no. You can't be famous in your hometown. First, you must be famous abroad. So, first, they'll be famous in Germany.

...Henry has started packing for his trip to England. I've taken a peek into his backpack and this is what I found:
1. His shaving kit (razor, deoderant, a quantity of prophylactics, which worries me beyond measure.)
2. His good suit with what appears to be a royal invitation in the breast pocket.
3. A list from Woolworks with several London yarn store locations highlighted. (Look out, Wendolyn!) He's scratched out stores and written "Hostels" on the top. I'm unsure as to what it is he is planning. Again, it worries me beyond measure.
4. A pair of well-worn Doc Martens and a spiked wristlet. Oh. Dear.
5. A small black book with several UK addresses marked by a star (I looked at the back of the book and found the star to mean "Places Henry can stay for free")
6. His passport (He really shouldn't have worn the foamy teeth.)
7. A large number of travellers cheques. (Do people even still use those?)
I think he is preparing himself for every eventuality. I've warned Mr. Happy to watch him closely and to not let Henry toddle off while the band is playing. With that many people around, heaven only knows what kind of things he might do.


  1. If Phil is off tomorrow I may pop in...I need some grown-up time away from my kiddies. However, if he is working, I may pop in with my kids on our way to the ferry (cheap entertainment at it's finest). So, yeah, I'll come see ya.

  2. This sounds like a cry for help. I think you need a deadline (in the words of Mr Moe to me regarding my thesis).

    I challenge you to finish ONE FO by the end of next week, and post it to your blog. (I know, I know, glass houses)

    Good luck on the exterior painting - the whole thought makes me queasy.

    I hope Henry doesn't get your husband in too much trouble on the other side of the pond. Have you been reading about all the problems Delores caused for Franklin abroad?

  3. I could come visit tomorrow after getting my hair cut. Would you mind winding some more of my clapotis yarn?

  4. Sorry I didn't make it over to see you, Phil was working and with the rain pouring down I did not want to bring the kids out...maybe next time you are working I'll make it down.