Wednesday, August 30, 2006


An open apology to those commuters unfortunate enough to have their windows down while driving past the intersection of Woodland Road and Slayter Street last Friday around 5:10pm:

Dear Commuters,
I would like to apologize for my outburst last Friday afternoon as I made my way home on my bicycle. My behaviour was reprehensible, and I would like to make amends.

Although I did have my arm outstretched to signal my intention to turn left onto Slayter Street, I do understand that as I am a short person, my arm may not be clearly visible to you as you fly by me at 60-70 kilometers an hour in a 50km/hr zone.

I also understand that those of you coming down Woodland Road behind me must absolutely pass me on the inside so as to maintain your position at the RED lights on Victoria Road. I do apologize for attempting to balance myself on my bicycle in your lane and hope that you didn't find it too difficult to squeeze your large and very heavy vehicle between all 120-something pounds of me and the curb.

I would like to apologize to the man in the silver toyota who was very obviously hell-bent on getting home. I really shouldn't have called you a stupid-arse. It was also wrong of me to shout that you could have put on your brakes to allow me to turn. I'm sure your supper must have been on the table. Or perhaps your brakes are in ill-repair.

I hope that none of you were offended when I hollered "For the love of God, let me turn already!" I did eventually get to turn, unharmed by your large, steel-framed cars and trucks.

I thank you all for your understanding and your forgiveness.


The bicycle commuter who lost her freaking mind last Friday and shouted:
"For the love of God! Let me turn already! I'm on a freaking bicycle! You've got brakes, you stupid arse!"


  1. Well said! I'm glad that you stuck up for yourself and eventually got to turn. Perhaps you need a large flashing light atop your helmet and one of those tall whippy reflective flags so that the dumb-arse doofuses in their huge cars have no excuse for pretending they don't see you.

  2. Oh please, Steph. I have a feeling that you cleaned up what you REALLY said, for public consumption here on your blog.

    What pisses me off. 2 things.
    1. Bikers on the road who REFUSE to obey traffic laws and expect the whole world to slam on their brakes when they randomly fluctuate between "pedestrian" and "driver" rules. YOU ARE NOT IN THIS CATEGORY.
    2. The DRIVERS on the road, who REFUSE to obey traffic rules when faced with a biker who clearly is doing everything safely and correctly.

    Oh...they see you. They just don't care. And by the lack of general safety and bike lanes for cyclists, neither does HRM. I would like to someday get a bike, but Mr Moe is absolutely certain that this is a silly idea due to traffic dangers.

    Plus there are too many hills around here.

  3. Yeah, what Moe said. Those jerky bikers who run red lights and cut across 4 lanes of traffic going in the opposite direction just give the rest of us a bad name and make the daily commute more difficult and dangerous for us. But those drivers are just pretending not to see you so they don't have to slow down. Carrying a paintball gun when you ride might help them to smarten up.

  4. Some drivers aren't much better with pedestrians and crosswalks, but I think that's due to pedestrians who mosey across the road whenever and wherever they feel like it.
    And Moe's two things piss me off too.

  5. Good lord so that is what the noise was... I thought the canons on the hill went off for some reason.

  6. Poor Steph...this is why I hate the fact that Phil rides his bike to work, although when he got knocked off his bike and ended up with a concussion it was due to another cyclist hitting him. Phil used to travel with Cam on the back in a kid seat...and it is truly frightening how many times he had near misses!!
    Glad you got home in one piece!

  7. As a rule, I just generally dislike people. Covers all the bases.

    I hope you shook your fist at those drivers. Or at least waved a finger at them.