Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Expect There Will Be A Ransom Note

The Ninja and I left KOL tonight in hurry, climbing over chairs to make our exit. I thought that I had everything with me, when I left.

Knitting bag: check

All my needles: check

Purse: check

It wasn't until 5 minutes ago that I came upstairs to bed and realized something I had forgotten:

Small Green Knitted Monster: uh, uncheck?

After a moment of sheer panic and terror, I realized what must have happened: Henry was making the rounds with the ladies tonight.

First he tried to steal The Goddess' seat. She picked him off the seat and snorgled him.

Then he decided he wanted to sit on Mrs. Extremities' lap. He was leaning against some Fleece Artist and had a look of contentment on his face.

Then I suggested to Mrs. Extremities that he should have a wee visit with Mrs. Yes (Or Lesley, if Mrs. Yes makes your mind fall into the gutter faster than a drunk on a unicycle).

That was the last I saw of him. Somehow, I bet he'll be getting some flying lessons in Mrs. Yes' daughter's purse tomorrow. Heh heh. I bet someone will be a little more green than usual.

If, however, Henry did not go home with Mrs. Yes, here is his photo in the event that his is AWOL:

Henry is NOT amused

Heaven help the city of Halifax if Henry is out in the world on his own.

Mauve is inconsolable and has taken to bed where hery tiny sobs are shaking the entire bed.

Mauve, Heartbroken

I only hope she can pull herself together before school starts next week.


  1. We had a bit of a stowaway situation last night at KOL. He sure does love the ladies.

    Poor Mauve. I'm sure Henry will be back soon...I have a feeling he is up to his old tricks again.

  2. I will be on the lookout on this end of the city, though I doubt he will end up way out here as we a very far from the action downtown. Maybe he is scouting the commons for a good spot to watch the concert next month, though I suspect it is more likely he is checking out the newest crop of female university students that is invading the city.

  3. He's alright Steph, no worries. He was a bit upset at being forgotten...but he seems to be over it now and enjoying watching Lilo and Stitch on the Family channel. I'll take good care of him until we can get him back to you.

  4. Glad someone fessed up, cuz I don't think I could handle the abuse that would be flung at me for kidnapping Henry.

    To be fair tho, he totally was making eyes at me.

    *snicker* the drunk on a unicycle line made me leer.

  5. Lesley is being kind Steph. Henry went through all the stages last night--denial ("no, she wouldn't leave without me") and shock ("oh my gosh she left without me") and anger ("how dare she leave without me") and then grief. Yes, by the end he was darn near inconsolable, and Lesley's bag is partially felted from Henry's tears!

  6. Lynne, I wanted to frame you, but nobody else was going for it. At least you can take comfort in the fact that you're not the only mother to forget her prized offspring at KOL.

  7. And we all discovered that not only does Henry scream like a little girl, but he cries like one too.