Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hey, Bo Diddley

Thanks for all the compliments on the house!

Just in case anyone is wondering:
  • The house was built in 1920
  • It is duplex or a "semi-detached" and was built that way
  • We do not own the entire thing; we own the right hand side
  • We have the best, most agreeable neighbour you could ever want
  • My neighbour's upstairs windows were replaced in either the 1970s or 1980s
  • We are the third owners of our part of the house; the daughter of the original owners lived in the house until 2000. The next owner had the house for 8 months and then sold it to us when she got a job in the USA.

Now, on to Bo Diddley:

Last Friday night was the opening night of the Dutch Mason Blues Festival. There were tickets available at our office so my coworker, Jeannine, nabbed the tickets for that night. The concert was on the Dartmouth waterfront, not far from my house. Jeannine parked her car and we hoofed it down to the concert.

Despite the fact that we were underdressed (darn, it was COLD), and we couldn't find a seat to save our lives (ended up sitting on the curb), it was a great time. The first couple of acts were really great. They played some great music and reassured us that the Blues are alive and well. But we were really there to see this guy:

Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley.

He was phenominal. He had the entire audience in the palm of his hand. He may be 78 years old, but lemme tell ya, he was rockin' and I don't mean in a rocking chair!

Bo Diddley

Now, his bass player may look like your friend's mom, but she was completely Rock and Roll...

She may look like a church organist

And if this lady were your church organist, you would have some seriously fun times with the hymns.

And this is Bo, doing the "Old Folks Rap".

Bo Diddley

I was doubled over from laughing at the lyrics to this song.
Bo Diddley - he may be 78, but he's still got it goin' on.


  1. Sweet! That must be the show I heard all the way at my place Friday night. Nothing beats seeing a legend.

  2. House is looking lurvely and Bo Diddley will never be old.

  3. Anonymous10:09 a.m.

    Sounds like fun! It WAS cold Friday night (we were outside at younger BILs place)...