Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

Becca and Troy are married!

The wedding was Friday night. I spent the week in Moncton with Becca. We didn't stop all week. Today, I fell asleep on the couch for two and a half hours.

We hung out with the Nannies:

The Nannies with Dad

(and Becca's dad).

We went for pedicures:

Pedicures with Mauve and Henry

I helped Cara (my wonderful hostess) make flans:

Cara making flans

Cara's flans are the best EVER! She made them for the gift opening. Ok, ok, I can't wait, I have to show you the finished products already:

The Flans

I got to see a LOT of Becca's parents. A LOT...

Mom and Dad Skinner

Oh sure. They look innocent enough in this photo, but trust me, these two are far from innocent. And that's all I'll say.

Rebecca and Ralna and I had a lot of laughs.

Becca and Ralna

Ralna is so funny. Really, really funny. Gut wrenching funny. She's the most amazing sister ever!

We had breakfast:

Breakfast on the wedding day

We got cleaned up:

Trent and Paige

(Ralna's kids, Trent and Paige - aka Lightning McQueen and The Little Stinker)

We went to the beach for photos...

The Bride

Isn't she beautiful?

The photo shoot

And, how cute is Ralna?


Then we went to the wedding:

Get me to the church on time!

(Where, of course, i was in the wedding, so I have no photos. I didn't see Mr. Happy before the wedding, so I couldn't give him the camera.)

Then we partied!

The Bride

And danced:

The first dance

There are more photos of the wedding on the photographer's site. I don't have as many photos of Troy as I do of Becca, so you can see how adorable he is there. You can also click on my photos to get to my Flickr site where more photos are posted.

The next day, we went to the gift opening:

Opening the presents

And I got to get to know Becca's Moncton "family" a little better:

The friends

(me, Cara, Theresa, Cathy)

Girls: thanks for looking after my friend! You've all got open invites to my house, any time you want to visit!

Becca and Troy - It was an honour to be a part of your special day. MWAH! Love to you both!


  1. Anonymous8:22 a.m.

    Becca is a beautiful bride...I adore that dress!

  2. I love the photo on the photographer's site of the bride and groom on the roller coaster. Very cool! Looks like you had a lovely time and the flans look amazing!

  3. Thanks for the update sort of makes me feel like I was there!

    Becca was beautiful (of course), as were you and Ralna, and Becca's parents look like they are doing really well (you're right...they look innocent, but...)looks like a wonderful day/week was had by all!

    BTW, I found your recipe for cinnamon buns on your blog...I made them this past week...they are very, very, very good! I got rave reviews! Thanks for sharing the recipe (I put a picture of them on my blog), they will definitely be made in this kitchen again!


  4. Looks like everyone had a great time! You all looked wonderful.

  5. Beautiful wedding, I adored her dress. The flans are like works of art, beautiful.

  6. Those pics on the roller coaster are fabulous! What beautiful day, a beautiful couple...and you looks smashing in red!

  7. Will you teach me how to make a flan? and find a husband?
    ps i made mum drive past the boys house last nite; i think he saw me yikes!