Monday, August 07, 2006

Spam Overload

This morning I logged into my home email account and discovered that there were over 500 email messages in my inbox. People, I think I've been spammed. Luckily, I was checking my account on the web and hadn't downloaded it to my desktop. I think the desktop would have gasped and expired right then and there.

In all that spam there were several "Out of Office" replies from spammers. Is this just a new way to suck people into the spam, or have we been given the gift of having contact numbers for spammers?

I know that there are people who know more about this than I do. I'm not that spam-savvy.

So the question is, should I post the email messages here or not?

Oh heck. Here you go:

First we have:
Ian Densmore ian@
I will be out of the office on Friday, August 4, 2006 and will return on
Monday, August 7, 2006. If you have an urgent matter, please call our
office at 302-378-#### and ask for Dara Cupingood or Kristi Doughty. Thank

Then there is Han:
Li, Han Y" hyli@
I will be out of the office on Thursday, Aug. 03 2006 returning on Friday,
Aug. 04, 2006. If you need any assistance, please contact Lien Nguyen at
617-985-#### or Keith Dagostino at 617-985-####
Thank you

So polite, for spammers. Gee... Do you think we should call?


  1. I would guess that your email address was used as the reply to address on spam someone sent out. So that would mean the out of office messages were from victims, not spammers. Spammers rarely use their own email addresses.

  2. Good Point, Jayme.

    I'll take out those email addresses.

  3. Never reply to spammers - then they know you actually exist and will spam you even more having had the encouragement. Spammers should be publicly humiliated on international television and be given pink bellies by all who are in attendance. Sort of like a public stoning but without the death part.

    ps. nice echinacea!

  4. You might want to mention this to your internet provider. Maybe they can hook you up with a new email addy.

  5. Yeah, I agree with the others. Sounds like your e-mail address was used on spam from someone else. Definitely time to see if you can get a new e-mail address. I try to have one e-mail address that I don't use when filling things out on the internet. Gets very little spam that way.

    Hey, if you want a g-mail account, I've got hundreds of invites. If you don't mind the whole "Google as Big Brother" thing, it's got a great spam filter!

  6. Upon closer inspection, we've found that the emails came in through Mr. Happy's band's website. So, it's something we need to discuss with the person maintaining that server.

  7. This has nothing to do with your spam issue, but I agree with all the above comments. I was just skimming through some of your past blogs and came across some lovely pics of the sweet georgia yarn on your "way to end July" post. THANKS!!! I am slowly working my way through my enormous yarn stash (made my 1st pair of socks AND they had cables - 1st time with cables too!!) They are awesome I must say!! But then I was insipred to add something new to my stash and went to the yarn store right away and bought some!! Thanks Steph, I'm on a fixed budget for the next 10 months you know, I can't be adding to the stash...but knitting is the only thing keeping me sane, and I need a more colorful color than pee yellow and pooh brown!!

    Hope to see you soon!! Say hi to Mr. Happy for us...

  8. At least you don't need viagra or penis enlargements (500 times) as I apparently do. ;) Spammers be jinxed!!