Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sick. Sicky Sick sick

Hey Ninja: I was right. I am sick.


Must recover in time for Pacafiesta!

I guess I had it coming. I've been bragging that I haven't had a cold or anything in well over a year. I was just starting to think that my immune system had somehow produced the cure to the common cold. I know, I know: Hubris. It gets you every time.

I should have known it was coming this afternoon: I was sitting in my office and I sneezed twice. They were two of those really good sneezes, you know what I mean? The ones where your sinuses, (which seemed perfectly clear until that point), suddenly open up and you're left with this clarity in not only your physical being but in your mental state as well. It's as if just one more of those sneezes could push you into Nirvana.

Yeah. I always get those sneezes when I'm coming down with something. You'd think the added clarity would have made me realize what was going on.


  1. Load up on the vitamin C!! I've been saying the same thing, I haven't caught a cold in a while either. Maybe I should shut my yap and start stocking up on echinacea tea...

  2. Throw in some echinacea for good measure - and rest!

  3. Poor Mrs. Sickie. =( You should stay home and knit today so you can recover enough for Pacafiesta.

  4. Yeah, you need OJ, chicken soup and some bedrest (read: dedicated knitting time while wrapped up in woolies). Get better soon, babe.