Friday, September 08, 2006


Remember when you were a kid and you'd get a sick day? Remember what that was like?

My mom was really good at sick days. She would make me eggs or french toast. She'd make Jell-O. She'd let me watch tv or read all day long. I'd read so much that my already watery eyes would be even more watery.

Because my mom worked full time at my parents' pharmacy, she'd use my sick days as an opportunity to catch up on housework. I'd stagger out of my room to find the vacuum cleaner in the hall and hear the sound of the washing machine chugging away in the basement. It was such a comforting way to spend the day, knowing my mom was there when I felt icky.

Inevitably my mom would end up in the kitchen where she'd make a nice supper for everyone and she'd maybe even make something for dessert. Sometimes she'd make apple crisp, other times it would be cake. I'd feel crappy, but there would be all this great stuff to eat.

Sigh. Those were the days, my friend.

Mr Happy is actually home today, but he's sleeping right now. I made him sleep in the spare room last night 'cause I felt so poopy. When he gets up I've got a list of demands (i.e. groceries) for him. Throat lozenges being top priority on the list.

I've organized my own "Sick Day Activity Centre" in my bedroom. Here's what it looks like from where I sit:

Sick Day Activity Centre

From bottom left working clockwise:
1. A cup of Ginger Peach tea - good for the throat. And yes, my cup does say "I am a Princess". 'cause I am.
2. The TV remote control
3. Omnipresent tissues
4. Computer with blogs to be read
5. The reconciled "as friends" Henry and Mauve
6. What's that? A new project? Can anyone identify it?
7. Meegie's copy of "Knit One, Kill Two". (oh, the title is foreshadowing a second murder!)

Ok, I need more tea.


  1. Anonymous10:52 a.m.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    What ARE you knitting?

  2. HEY! You're reading my blog. Sooo cool!

    No, I'm not messing around on the internet at work. Why'd you ask?

  3. Poor Steph. At least when you are home sick, you don't have to deal with kids too. Enjoy that time, I didn't know how good I had it. I love my children, I just want a nap.

  4. Alright! Get this girl some chicken soup and ice cream STAT!

    You could always just get one of those dust mask things people use when painting, you know the white ones and wear it to Pacafiesta.

  5. Lesley - I have Henry and Mauve here. They're giggling and being obnoxious. They're talking about their favourite bands. When I mentioned "The Beatles" they said, "Who?" That's enough to send a musician's wife over the edge.

    And Lynne? I was lying in bed this morning wondering if I still had any of those masks left over from when I was prepping a room for painting. I was thinking more about my allergies at the time, but it's a good point, really. I don't want to contaminate anyone else with this bug.

    Mr. Happy got called in to work but he ran my errands and came home with:
    Chicken Soup, Orange juice, throat lozenges and (best of all) a mochaccino from Starr's. I love Mr. Happy. He's my hero.

  6. Get better! That's an order. I'll be home soon.
    My mom was always great on sick days, too.

  7. If you like the book, she also has 2 more- Needled to Death and A Deadly Yarn. I loved the first 2 (murder mysteries are better with a crafty theme!!) and just got the 3rd. Feel better soon.

  8. Ooooh, lucky! My mom's line was always, "If you're too sick to go to school, then you're too sick to watch TV." Not true!! Clearly TV takes much less brainpower than school!

    On the mystery knitting... could it be a sock?