Friday, September 15, 2006


I'm very tired tonight but can't seem to haul my arse away from Ivy's (my SM) computer. Bed is 15 steps away. I don't like to turn out the lights. That's when my emotions get closest to the surface. Last night I talked myself down:

"Stephanie - stop it. You can't change anything by worrying in the night. GO TO SLEEP."

It worked. I konked out in 10 minutes. Here's hoping the self-lecture works tonight.

Today I sat with my brother and knit while he slept. When he was awake I told him stupid stories and knit. Thank goodness for knitting.

One thing about the ICU - it's not an easy place to sleep. Holy crap it's loud in there. Felt like corking a couple of nurses who came in to check on my brother and proceeded to have a conversation about another patient's fluid intake. Seriously? Halloo? There's a hallway right behind you - take two steps outside. And hey, remember that whole privacy legislation thing that the gov't enacted a few years ago? Yeah, it's still in effect and it's still a LAW. I don't want to nor should I hear how much apple juice Mrs. Jones ate. Shaddup already.

End mini-rant.

Stopped in at Cricket Cove this morning before hitting the highway. Might go back with my camera. It's such a visually interesting store. It's just too bad the lady who was working this morning was such a sullen soul. How can anyone be so unenthusiastic around knitters in a yarn shop?

I didn't buy anything. My brother, when told this, licked his finger and drew a point in the air. I'm not sure who's meant to be winning. Cheeky guy, he is.

So tired. Don't have personal pronouns. Going to bed.


  1. Mr. & Mrs. S1:04 a.m.

    Hey Steph...

    A couple of things...
    You deserve to be tired. It is exhausting physically and emotionally to visit in hospital. So take care of you too!!

    Re: hospital priviacy. When I was in hospital for surgery three years ago, my only roommate was a man whose penal implant had gone very wrong... I learned many things I had no desire to learn. I leave the rest to your imagination!!

    We continue to keep you, your brother and your whole family in our prayers daily and I am not on the right hand of God, but the one who is said: 'Don't be anxious about anything but by prayer and petition present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your heart and mind.' I have experienced that peace in tough times and that's what we are praying for you all. And that is something to sleep on!!
    We love you!!

  2. thinking of you and family over here in outoftouch land. I've sometimes thought there should be somekind of detox guide for the ICU. You're right there's no privacy and it's hard not to get involved in other's cases as well. Everyone's worry is so palpable. Also it's kind of gross. Granny quite enjoys going to ICU-she thinks it's better than ER. She also likes pinching intern's bums.
    Granny's raging libido aside, thoughts and good wishes as always, and hope a strong support system is ready to kick in for the whole family. You sound like a clan who pulls together and that's the most important medicine. That and yarn as you're proving. ps your offer of clean sweeping sent me looking for more rugs to hide my clothes under...pps-your brother's comment on not buying wool-who's winning? his health! Encourage that cheekness. It's powerful stuff.

  3. There is something about hospital air that drains you physically and emotionally. Your brother sounds like such a strong (and fun) individual, so important for healing and fighting the good fight.

    Remember to take care of yourself, too.

    Keep us posted.

  4. you sound a bit better. Hope you really are.... I still think mr. happy should put you on a plane to get you away from it all!!!

  5. Hi Steph!

    The computer at work won't let me email you. I'll be around today, you can call me at 529-7144. I'll be moving, so if you don't get me, keep trying or leave a message.

    I hope to see you today.

    Take care,


  6. Please remember to take care of you too, and if at any time in your life you deserve to go whole hog in a yarn shop, it's now. Positve vibes sent your way. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  7. Hugs to your whole family, I'm keeping you all in my thoughts.

  8. Hey! Not that there is much to say that hasn't been said, but just so you know, I rooting for you and your crew!

  9. *hugs*

    *hugs from Mr. Munchkin*

    It's ok, Steph. He's doing better.

    You're a good sister and your love shows in every word of your post. Be gentle with yourself and him.

  10. Though I did not knit, a lot when my brother was in the hospital every thing I did knit ended up being frogged as it was all wonky. There is never privacy in the hospital even in a private room, though there is a lot of compassion, and caring. You are right you cannot change anything by worry; however, I found all that was required was my calm presence by my brother’s side. The fact that someone was there was of great comfort to him.
    Sending prayers & healing vibes from this part of the East Coast.

  11. burdee cum go poopoo en yer carpet! xoxo

  12. Hi Steph,

    Sending some positive vibes your way....hope that your brother is doing better and you are looking after yourself too.