Wednesday, September 20, 2006

With Friends Like These...

...who needs a laugh track?

Some members of KOL suggested that we do a little charity knitting this week: Finger puppets for the IWK Children's Hospital. The suggestion was that everyone bring scraps from their stash yarn and we all knit a puppet or two.

The look through my stash led to this:

It wasn't pretty

Complete and utter stash reorganization. This has led to several new projects being added to the potential WIP list.

Last night got off to a rip roaring start when The Ninja and I arrived to find Ms. Geek wearing her new pirate hat for the official "talk like a pirate day". She didn't keep her hat for long:


A few moments later, Henry joined in on the fun:

Henry - what all the pirates are wearing this season

I can't resist including this photo:

Defending her prisoner

Please feel free to make the obvious jokes about "defending the booty"... Heh heh.. booty.

Despite the shenanigans that were going on, we did manage to get some finger puppets made for the kids:

That's my pig

There may have been some jokes about wall-eyed ducks/chicks, overly large finger puppets and funny looking bunnies.

But it was all in good fun and I had some really great laughs. Thanks gang. I needed that.


  1. Anonymous8:17 a.m.

    Damn, I missed a good night.

  2. Looks like much fun was had!

  3. It WAS a funny night, wasn't it? I'll never look at finger puppets the same way again. Especially large red cat finger puppets. Thank you for being discreet with the picture of the bunny. I don't need work colleagues stumbling across that one!

  4. BTW, as for stash reoganization, that way lies madness. I've actually hidden my stash and all WIPs except 2 in the storage room. I NEED to get that !@#$%& moss stitch thing finished....

  5. Oh dear actually posted the pirate photos. Ah well, maybe they'll help my street pirate cred. And I believe that pirates tend to prefer the term "swag", dontcha know.

    And yeah, that was a blast. Don't think that I've laughed that hard in a long time. Thanks gals.

  6. Erika Schmerika8:26 p.m.

    Hi, I'm a Halifax reader, de-lurking... you guys make me want to learn to knit, just so I can hang out with you! Love the finger puppets :-)