Friday, September 22, 2006

Knitters of the Blogosphere - We have much work to do!

Thanks to Mike, I have found a worthy cause for us all.

It seems that Jamie doesn't know that Men can and do knit.

Would the rest of you mind informing him of the error of his ways? He needs to expand his narrow view of the world.

While Men like The Yarn Boy inspire us all (and make us wish our husbands would take up the needles) poor Jamie doesn't know the truth about knitting which is:

Real Men Knit

and they don't use their partners' stash yarn.

I mean, really, think about it... who's going to question a man knitting when you think about the fact that among knitters we can include:

- Fishermen and seafarers
- Woodsmen (my grandfather was a woodsman - they were in the logging camps in the winter - it was either knitting, rug hooking, or cards).
- Football players (I know a former CFL player who knits - he's not a tiny man - don't make fun of his knitwear)

They are all pretty manly men.

BTW - how great is that book? I think my hubby is getting this book for Christmas.


  1. Men who knit rule. That book looks outstanding, although I doubt it will do much to sway him to my side.

  2. I am so buying Mr Moe that book. I think he wants to knit but doesn't know it. He's been expressing guarded interest in the spinning...