Monday, September 25, 2006

How to Have A Great Weekend

1. Spend the day with a great friend.

2. Knit on the ferry

JAK - knitting on the ferry

Knitting on the ferry

3. Drink coffee and mosey through the Halifax Market.

4. Become inspired by all the crafts.

5. Despite really, really wanting one - don't buy the hand bound book made by the lovely lady who GAVE HER SPINNING WHEEL TO HER FRIEND. (kick self in the butt for not buying the book at a later date.)

6. Eat Sushi with frozen friend (so cold in the sushi restaurant!) and laugh at how cold/wet the people going to the Stones concert are going to be.

the last bite

7. Visit art supply store and positively itch to go home and make something.

8. Bid a fond farewell to friend and think how much you enjoyed your day of with her.

1. Get up and make apple pancakes for hubby who is sleeping.

2. Find out SIL, BIL, niece and nephews are on their way home from airport to pick up Pippin. Invite them over for "brunch".

3. Make another batch of pancakes (apple pancakes AND blueberry pancakes)

4. Invite MIL and FIL over for "brunch".

5. Drop three pancakes on the floor - agree with entire family not to tell MIL and FIL when they arrive. Dust them off. Nephew eats dropped pancake anyway.

6. Bid adieu to family.

7. Inspired by creativity seen yesterday - reorganize living room

8. Plan to reorganize front room and make it a craft room.

9. Knit. (Start Dad's second sock)

10. Sew

sewing and knitting

Salvage nice canvas bag - which had company logo on it - by sewing nice fabric over logo.

11. Make a little bag for sock project (inspired by JAK).

sewing and knitting

12. Go to bed, exhausted, but anxious to get starting making "craft room" tomorrow night.


  1. Anonymous9:42 a.m.

    What a great weekend (sounds perfect). Ooh, love the sewing FOs!

  2. blah blah blah - testing comments

  3. Who made the handbound book? Was it Hannah? Her stuff is cool, I took a class from her back in the Dawson Room days. She still teaches--if you take a class, you could make your own handbound book, it's not hard!