Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ta dah?

I've got this insatiable urge to reorganize, rearrange, redecorate and renovate.
It all started with:
1. Rearranging the living room furniture on Sunday.
It's really hard to rearrange my living room because of several things:
- two sets of French doors - one set leading from the dining room, the other from the hallway - there go two walls.
- the door leading to the front room (aka the sun porch) - there goes another wall
- the fireplace which juts out into the room - there goes another wall.
Do you see the problem?
Ok, I'll wait...
Uh huh, there it is - that dawning realization - there isn't a wall left on which to "anchor" a piece of furniture.
All of the walls in my living room have some "obstacle. Ugh. As you can imagine there are a limited number of ways you can arrange two love seats, a TV and a rocking chair in a room like that. Tonight I'll get some photos for you of what the room looks like now.
All of this led to:
2. Big plans for my front "sun" room becoming a "craft room".
This project will involve moving a bookshelf, a desk, a filing cabinet and a twin bed.
It will most likely lead to:
- Checking the room for insulation - while the sunporch was an addition to our 86-year-old house - we aren't sure when it was added, if it was insulated. If it was insulated, it's a question of what they may have used.* Look at the address again - I live in CANADA. Yes, it does get cold in there.
- Painting
- Carrying lots of things up and down the stairs
- tears
- Sewing curtains
And then, before I knew it I decided:
3. The Blog needs some freshening up.
Minou's Mommy said that my new header wasn't lame. She liked it. I count on her to be honest with me at all times - and she usually is. I'm not sure this time.
Anyone care to give constructive feedback on the new header? (Just don't use Ang's level of frankness - I can handle her "that looks stupid" b/c we've known each other for 14 years (ack - 14!). )
I haven't decided if I should take out the "here's $10" part yet.
*Many homes in the Maritimes which are close in age to ours were insulated with seaweed.


  1. It's cute! What kind of flower is that?

  2. I love the new header! I'm going through the same urges, I hate all our furniture, want a different job, don't want to wear anything in my closet....

    Must be Fall.

  3. I like it adds a certain "pizazz" to your blog!

  4. First thing I said when I opened your blog "Oh, how pretty!" I love the new header. I wish I was a bit more computer savvy so I could spruce mine up...put it this way; I'm lucky I figured out how to post entries, and leave it there.
    I understand your angst with furniture arrangement, our livingroom is long and there is only one spot to put the TV so it won't get glare from the sun.
    BTW: I vote for keep the "here's $10..." line. It goes so well with the blog title and I like it a lot.

  5. I like the image and the colours but it looks like a lot of text. I love the "here's $10" part though, don't get rid of that; it really reflects your unique sense of humour. The other part. . . I'm not so excited about. Just saying.

    What would that seaweed be like if you had to remove it after all this time? Just dried out, or really gross?

  6. $10 should buy you lots and lots of Happy!

  7. Header? good. Honey part? good.

    Seaweed insulation? Not so good. When replacing the ceiling in our kitchen addition (circa 1955), I pulled three 8' bats of seaweed out of the ceiling. All were mildewy. Fun stuff.

    I did, however, find some cool cardboard boxes up there with Aylmer labels on them. Never did anything artsy with them, as I'd hoped. Guess I'm just not the artsy type after all.

    So you just never know what else might be hidden in your walls and ceilings!

  8. Love the new header and I think you should keep the $10 bit.

    Oh!! And guess what? I'm coming to KOL next week! I can't wait to see you all.

  9. The new header is wonderful! Keep it.

    - Ariannah

  10. As per advice given - I'm going to alter the new header just a little.

    And as for KOL next week - I can't go! I'll be on an airplane coming home from Newfoundland.

    Anybody need cod tongues?

  11. oh - and the flower is a purple coneflower (which is, I believe, echinacea).

  12. Anonymous7:34 p.m.

    Love the new echinacea header!!!

    I don't even think we have insulation (seems like plaster over 1918 hydrostone as evident by bent nails in the exterior walls). Maybe there is seaweed in the interior. Pretty sure there is asbestos under the floor though :(

    I want a craft room.

  13. Hey babe, fabulous new look. Love it. And as for the flower - I was wondering why it looked familiar, then I took a look at the cold medicine I was clenching in my fist. Oh yeah.

    Seaweed ... seriously? Man, now I'm scared to do a reno job on my place.

  14. Like the header, keep the honey $10 line ... loose the other words.
    Seaweed, horsehair, newspaper, straw, rags; Maritimers are resourceful folks.

  15. see i told you! But I am keeping my blue tongue button....
    I have failed word verification 4 times now and counting

  16. this housekeeping bug (online and offline) is going round like the flu....well done! ps closet is getting it's own photoshoot. ....keep '$10'. if you wanted to cut down on word-yness you could try ' yourself "A Little Bit of Happy" if you know what i mean; put the logo-y bit at the bottom. that's my idea-y

  17. Hi Steph,
    Love your new banner...If you want to decorate, layout or generally clean, you can come to our new-to-us place in Ottawa to help...The movers will be coming on Wednesday, hihi!

    My best advice is to de-clutter, you may have too much furniture for the amount of space you have (take it from one who has seen the light when we were staging our house for sale)...We tend to collect a lot of stuff, old chairs, couches, bookcases, if you don't need it lose it now! It will make your place look HUGE!!!!!
    I may be going to
    KOL this week, I'm at our old house (it is no longer our home!)alone and need somethings to do...
    Take care if I don't see you!