Monday, October 02, 2006

On Da Rawk

How's she goin'?
I'm on da rawk for da annual Memorial University of Newfoundland* School of Pharmacy Career Fair. (Ok, enough of typing with the hack-cent. I can't keep it up.) It's raining cats and dogs out there and rumour has it that flights have been cancelled due to the tail end of Hurricane Isaac.
I've just set up our booth and have to say I'm not entirely happy with my display table. It looks sh!tty this year. Either I just don't have the flair for "decorating" I seemed to have last year, or it's the change in our materials.
I'm hoping that I'll get home tomorrow night, but who knows? It could snow here tomorrow or we could be hopelessly fogged in. It that happens, I fear I'll end up on George Street, drinkin' Screech and kissing me some ugly fish lips.**
I know I've said it before, but I would like to say it again, cab drivers in Newfoundland are the friendliest, nicest bunch you'd ever want to meet. 'specially since they call ya "luvey".
I probably won't be seeing the KOL group tomorrow night - so have fun everyone - say hi to KnitJo and Jaichan for me!

*That's new-fund-lahnd, for dows of you main-landers who don't know's yer arse from yer elbow. It's not new-FOUND-luhnd - sayin' dat will get ya shipped back ta Ti-ranna were yas belong.)

**Sure, cod have lips, don't they? (You know that won't really happen, don't you?)


  1. Have fun and kiss a cod for me!!

  2. the Skinners2:08 a.m.

    Hey, you're not too bad for a 'mainlander'... anyway. enjoy the Newfie sunshine, kiss the ground for us...and sure we knows that cods have lips...but they also have tongues and if you make fun of those folks, you just may get a 'meal of tongues' for your trouble.
    Have fun and we hope it doesn't snow before you get back to your little part of the world!!

  3. Dang... I really wanted to see you. Oh well, I'll see you at Xmas. I've seen chefs kiss the cod at work to get a laugh out of everyone, which is usually followed by the absolute filthiest commentary you can imagine.