Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ebenezer Brown*

Today I'm working from home - thanks to our new email server which allows me to access all of my emails. It's wonderful!!!

The Career Fair went well this year. My worries about the setup of my booth were silly, really, and the ramblings of a tired mind. This was the first year that I was able to take part in the student interviews. While the day itself is exhausting, I really enjoyed getting to know the students a little bit better.

We flew home from St. John's, NL last night. The flight, which was supposed to get in at 7:38pm, arrived in Halifax around
10:00pm. The pilot informed us that Air Canada's mainframe computer "crashed" yesterday - for an hour and a half. And to think we all whine when our computers have problems. At least my computer problems don't delay the travel plans of thousands of travellers.

Then, some guy who checked in at the counter, managed to disappear from the airport. We had to wait for about 20 minutes while they removed his bags from the airplane. Lovely. Since there is nothing I could change or achieve by getting cranky that the flight was delayed, I pulled out my knitting and worked about an inch on my Dad's second sock.

Dad's sock - Part II

The second sock is seen here lounging on my bed in the sunshine along with the first sock. I am really enjoying this yarn and am tempted to add more Lang Superwash to my stash - I'm just going to wait until Dad has these socks and has worn them for a while - I want a review from him first.

Also, lounging on the bed (and eating copious quantities of M&Ms), is the Harry Potter Scarf which I am working on for my nephew.

Scarf for nephew

I am actually enjoying knitting this scarf, even though it gobbles up yarn. It is great mindless knitting. I just plug away at it and the next thing I know, I've completed another set of stripes. The only thing that worries me is that I have TWO nephews. And BOTH of them are HP Fans.

As promised in my "rearranging the house" post, here are the photos of my living room:

Door number one

This photos was taken from in front of the door to the "sun porch" (aka future "craft room"). As you can see, the double doors lead to the dining room.

Standing by the dining room table and looking back into the room, this is what you see:

Door number two

Uh, the books behing the rocking chair will be moved eventually.

Then, if you stand in front of the fireplace, here's what you see:

Door number three

That's the door to the hallway. I've always had the couches arranged on "kitty corners" on the same "side" of the room (the couch under the clock in the 2nd photo was where the rocking chair is now). I'm just so sick of it being the same all the time. I like it much better now.

Now I just need to get my craft room fixed up. Currently it's more of a crap room.

*This is Mr. Happy's mis-heard lyric. Does anyone know what song it's from?


  1. Ebenezer Brown
    and the sky is grey
    California Dreamin'
    on such a winter's day

  2. Ditto! It'll always be Ebenezer Brown to me now though. :)

  3. Anonymous4:44 p.m.

    Blogger has not be letting me comment off and on today...

    Anyhoo, the house looks great, very cozy.

    Woo, you've made a lot of progress on the scarf!

  4. California Dreaming... hahahah. Your house looks so cute and cozy.

  5. You have such a lovely home. Phil wants me to knit him a HP scarf...I am refusing on the grounds that he is a 32 year old man, and if he wants one that badly he knows where the needles are.

  6. Niiiice. Excellent misheard lyric.

    And because I like to comment in threes:

    Nice hardwood.

    Nice motherf***ing powerbook.

  7. Nice "coffee table". My son (who is 24 and no longer lives at home or even in the same state) has a lovely black 5pc Tama drum set in boxes in the basement. With the addition of little glass circles to protect the heads, I might just have me a nice set of occasional tables. :) OOOh.. and the pretty brass cymbals would make some nice wall art in the boys' rooms.

  8. your house is so great!
    I love the green cabinet by the rad. ps in school i thought the anthem was bilingual; "God qui parlent" instead of god keep our land. missed you at kol -let me know if youre at the store sat?