Monday, October 16, 2006

By This Time Next Week...

1. I will be exhausted.
2. I will be at home, enjoying a day off.
3. I will be (hopefully) working on the craft room*
4. I will be thanking my lucky stars that the weekend is over.
5. I will have successfully organized, planned and MC'd a conference for 140 attendees.

But today:
1. I have one presenter who seems to have forgotten that they were scheduled to speak this weekend, despite having corresponded with me way back in JULY and having INVOICED us that same month.**
2. Anyone wanting a hotel room change will be made to sleep on the pier outside the hotel.
3. One more person calling to ask a question and then engaging in idle chitchat will be cut off.
4. I will continue to wonder how event planners manage to do all this stuff.
5. I may pound my head on my desk - do not be alarmed.

*I cleaned up more junk this weekend and ended up having another allergy attack. This is the second weekend in a row that I have had an allergy attack the night before a workday. I wonder - Am I allergic to the dust or am I allergic to the idea of going to work? I'm going to have to pull out some dust masks for the next time.

**I may have emitted a high-pitched noise upon hearing this news. I may also have derived a certain amount of smug satisfaction at emailing a copy of our correspondence and the invoice to said presenter - who is a lawyer and who will, no doubt, appreciate "exhibit A". Ahem.


  1. I guess we won't see you tomorrow night?

    Take an Aerius before working on your craft room! It's a wonderful allergy drug.

  2. Anonymous3:01 p.m.

    I second aerius (through second hand knowledge).

    Gah. You must be superwoman. I am just dealing with trying to get 45 farmers to attend a 2-day event, expenses paid. No one will commit until the week prior to the event.


  3. Moe--they're farmers, it's harvest time. Cut them some slack, would ya ;-)

    Steph--I have saved every work related e-mail I've ever sent. More than once someone has come to me to say "you never sent us this info", at which point I gleefully search my sent mail and forward them the time and date stamped piece of information which they claim to have never received. Why, yes, I do enjoy the feeling of superiority this gives me!