Friday, October 13, 2006


First, the lovely Becca, my dear friend and beautiful August bride, celebrated her birthday on Monday. Happy Birthday, Becca! I'm really looking forward to when we are both 103, sitting on the porch at the nursing home, flirting with the younger men (the 80-year olds).

She's coming to the city this weekend with her hubby. He's attending a conference and we are going to the market and we may even do some shopping. Maybe. Heh heh.

And today, well, today, Friday the 13th, is Angie's birthday! She of the many shoes, mini-dogs and utterly fabulous job (completely fab except for the hours). I hope you're having a great day, Angie!


  1. Well, happy birthday Becca and happy birthday Angie!

  2. Thanks Steph for the wishes, the great cake and spending the weekend. Miss you already!