Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mr. Richardson

Or, Reason number 428 for quitting my job, moving to Vancouver and hanging out with Angie
Yesterday afternoon, I received the following text message from her:
I've been talking to an old friend of yours.

I responded:

Oh? Who have you been talking to?

The response came while I was biking home:

Bill! He is right here. We are eating lunch!

Of course, the moment I got home, I got on the phone and called her.


Angie: Yup. He's three feet away from me. Just a sec.

Sounds of phone changing hands.

Bill Richardson's voice comes over the phone: Is this Stephanie?

Me: Mr. Richardson! *internally - Oh, I'm such a nerd.*

Bill: Where are you? Are you in Dartmouth?

Me: *Oh my gosh he knows where I live* Yes! That's where I am, I just got home.

Bill: You should be here - there's cake.

Me: Cake? There's Cake?

Bill: We sure didn't get food like this at the CBC.


Bill is working as an extra in a movie that Angie is working on.

I have always admired Bill Richardson as a radio host, and have often fantasized about how much fun it would be to work on a show with him. I fear that the conversation which ensued did nothing to endear me to him. Should he ever decide to host another show like the Roundup, I am almost certain that I will not be asked to be part of the “A-Team”. My name neither starts with A nor am I, as was made apparent, able to hold up my end of the witty repartee that would be a requisite.

When I spoke to Angie later on we discussed how she was going to become friends with Bill, and how eventually, he would assign a special ring to her number on his cell phone (perhaps a David Bowie song?) and he would start calling her "Honey". I may have told her that I am jealous of her.

We also discussed lobbying the CBC to get the Roundup back on the air. Perhaps we should first consult Bill to see if this is something he would like to do.

While she went off to dress extras, I toddled upstairs to bed where I knit another repeat on the Harry Potter scarf.
Ahhhh... lifestyles of the not-so-famous.

*For those not in the geek, er, know: Bill Richardson is the former host of Richardson's Roundup, which played on CBC every afternoon during the glory days. Bill has been hosting "Canada Reads". I'm not sure if he is still doing his "Bunny Watson" shows, which were brilliant. He used to play Mr. Happy’s band on occasion and he even read one of my letters on air. WOOT!
*ohferheavenssake: This Bill Richardson. Not that Bill Richardson.


  1. "Bachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast"--I loved that book!

  2. Oh my goodness! You're so lucky :D

    I *heart* Bill Richardson. He read one of my letters a few years ago (I didn't hear it, but my mom did).

  3. I too miss the Sad Goat but I think Bill Richardson gave up the Roundup because he wanted to do something different. We should convince him that different is bad and that we want him back on the CBC doing the same stuff we liked before!

  4. I miss the Sad Goat too, bring back Bill! I loved all the letters... I hate the Freestyle show or whatever it is called well not actually the show just the hosts KR‘s voice grates on me did not like her on TV even worse on radio. Bill we miss you.

  5. Oh Paula, Freestyle is terrible. You are so right.

  6. have you read his book 'after hamlin'? if not i will bring it next tuesday. xoxo he read my stepmoms letter once, but i bet yours was much better.

  7. I have to say, at first I harboured some resentment for Bill over the cancellation of Vickie Gabereau's show (not that it was his fault, of course). But eventually the sad old goat grew on me. The new afternoon guys? Ugh. Too peppy. And what's with all the deeply crappy music they play?

  8. I hope he doesn't google his name and find out just how dorky we are. DId I mention he gave me a hug?
    It was sooo nice listening to him talk - it was like he was back on the radio, only I had to (as Steph would say) keep up my end of the repartee which is not something I was used to doing. (The radio is such a one way conversation) At least I could be a member of the A team because of my name.....
    I'll put that autograph in the mail ASAP!

  9. Anonymous7:50 a.m.

    Love that man's voice (and witty repartee). Bring back roundup!

  10. You SPOKE to Bill Richardson? I am in awe. I still miss the Round-up and Canada Reads is just not enough of a fix. (Freestyle bites...)

  11. I'm going to go out on a shaky limb here, to say that I like Freestyle. I do! I'd be happy with the return of the Sad Goat too, though.

    Years ago, (my) Bill and I were out for dinner at an Italian restaurant on Commercial Drive, and Bill R. was at the next table.