Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hack, Hack, Cough, Cough

Ok, now that the title has revealed what I've been doing for the last three days, we'll move on.

Thanks to the invincible germs of Mr. Munchkin, I have enjoyed three workless days this week. My office phone didn't ring at all last Friday, so I'm guessing that when I go back to work tomorrow I will be confronted with one of the following scenarios:

1. 20 messages all of an urgent nature.
2. 5 messages with no exact details of what the person wanted, so I'll spend all day tracking them down and trying to answer their questions (LEAVE SPECIFIC MESSAGES, PEOPLE. TELL ME WHAT YOU NEEEEEEED!)
3. No messages at all and this question hanging over my head: "Am I really needed here?"

My best guess is that it will be scenario #2. If it's number 3, I'll post my resume here. Heh heh.

For anyone who might be interested (Dad - this includes you): In an attempt to redecorate/purge, I would like to get rid of the Captain's bed that was in my front room.

If you're interested here are the details:
It needs a single mattress
It has a woodgrain finish. (i.e. it's made of pressboard, but is quite sturdy)
It has three drawers underneath.
It's very heavy.
It needs a new board on the top where the mattress will sit (you shouldn't stand on the corner of fibreboard).
Other than that one thing, it's in good shape.

The mattress is staying here.

If no one wants it, I'm putting it on the curb when it stops raining.

Also, if anyone knows a musically inclined electrician who wants to barter his/her electrical work for studio time, please have him/her contact me. Same goes for a drywaller. (luc? how about making that album?)

And now, my tissue box is calling.


  1. You should post the bed on Freecycle. I bet you'll have takers then.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I was just going to say what Lesley said. You often say wanted posters for captains beds on Freecycle. Please post it there, someone will com eand get it, and you won't even need to take it to the side of the road!

  3. I agree Freecycle
    or call Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank they will pick-up a little bit quicker than Big Brothers & Sisters.

  4. oops too quick on the post finger... the Halifax Freecycle group has a barter off shoot group

  5. how big is it? would it fit in my crazy apartment? (i really dont need it but that's never stopped me before :)

  6. So far this fall, I have liberated 3 chairs and 2 large plants (trees might be more accurate) from my parents house. My little apartment has no space for your lovely bed. It would definitely be snapped up in a second on freecycle.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  7. How much drywalling?

    I don't need the studio time, but will work for booze. Er.. I mean...
    Damn, I can't even rephrase that so it sounds better.

  8. Anonymous6:55 p.m.

    Hmm. Paula, Parker Street told me that they wouldn't pick up when I had a desk that fell through on freecycle. Eventually managed to find it a home after reposting on freecycle, but if Parker Street had been willing to pick up it would have gone the them. Did they just start picking up recently?