Monday, January 22, 2007

The Fun Continues At Work

Phone call of the day (and it's barely noon):

"Stephanie, do you know where we could source out a p*enis pump?"

And what makes this even better is that the answer was, essentially, "yes".


  1. The phone calls you get at work are SOOOO much more interesting than mine...

  2. Old Round: Human.

  3. I had to go to 'The Love Touch' to buy purple fishnets the other day. I wasn't particularly interested in all the suggestions the lady behind the counter had for the use of said fishnets.
    my security code word is szuBARF hahahahahaha!

  4. Um, I hope that wasn't at the yarn shop.


  5. I'm impressed.

    Not that you get calls about penile enhancement tools...but that you're a woman in the know - and you know how to hook people up. (Hmmm. That didn't come out quite right, in the context of penile pumpage and such.)