Thursday, January 25, 2007

Natty - Naughty? Nice.

A Little Bit of Moe

Steph and Moe - wearing Natty hats from Knit and Tonic.

Ok, I admit it: Moe's knitting is an inspiration to mine. She always seems to find the best patterns!

I briefly considered changing the title of this blog to "A Little Bit Of Moe" but thought it sounded like I had hacked her up and stored her in my deep freezer (rest assured, Moe, I don't own a deep freezer). Instead, I'll keep my blog name the way it is and then proceed to knit-stalk her safely from my side of the harbour.

Natty is a great pattern, knits up quickly and what makes it even better is that the RYC felted tweed was on sale at Tangled Skeins!

The hat I'm wearing in the photo above is a gift for my SIL. I'm also making the scarf.

Natty for my SIL

Hold onto your own hats, 'cause I'm making these items for CHRISTMAS 2007.

*Shouts of "Bravo! Bravo!" can be heard from the crowd. Women wipe tears from their eyes. Men jump to their feet, wildly applauding. Babies wave their pacifiers in the air! There is joy in the land.*

I'm feeling so good about this decision to get ahead of the game that I went ahead and knit the same hat for myself.

Natty for me

Pride goeth before the fall.

Wrist / Arm update:
I went to the Physiotherapist on Tuesday evening. It would seem that our knitting hero does not have tendonitis this time. No, instead, she has been storing all of her tension in her neck and she has done some damage to the nerve in her right arm.

(Hey Dad? Remember those times when I was a kid and my neck did that weird thing and I walked around with my head lopsided for a few days? Yeah, that. Well, I think it might have had something to do with this.)

After I asked the physiotherapist if they also had psychiatrists on staff, he assured me that we could work on it (exercises, stretching, etc).

I can now rightly accuse people of "getting on my nerves" as it would seem that my "20 years of tension and stress" (the PT's words) has indeed done some harm to my nerves.

While I am relieved that it is not the knitting which has caused this, it does make me want to throttle all of the people causing me stress.

I'll be making a list. Watch your back.

Heh heh.


  1. Anonymous1:02 p.m.

    Hi Steph,
    You know that knitting is never the source of the problem, because knitting is therapy!

    Love those hats, they are both gorgeous and unique, just like both of you!

    I must go,
    Knitjo, from hat-bound Ottawa

  2. Are you trying to make the rest of us look bad? Starting christmas knitting.... sheesh!

    You guys are adorable in those hats...

    Maybe you could try yoga?

  3. Hey...I love Natty v.2.0

    I'll start giving you a heads up on all UFO's and vice versa, we can have ALBOH/COAMT knit-alongs. Everyone will want to be as cute as us.

  4. Great hats!! I am envious of your planning ahead.

  5. oooh. that might just be enough inspiration for me to take the plunge and try cable knit (already).

    I feel like I've stumbled upon a treasure trove of knitty goodness. (you can thank Mike--nice hat!)