Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Funny Story About Buying Yarn

I called my dad during the Boxing Week sale at Tangled Skeins and suggested that he might want to buy some yarn for Grammy. He thought this was a grand idea. Our conversation continued:

Me: Ok, how much should I spend?

Dad: Whatever you think.

Me: Here is where my mind started reeling and I realized that I no longer knew what a non-knitter, namely my dad, would think is an appropriate amount of money to spend on yarn.

Me: Um, Dad? This is me, in a yarn store. You've got to give me a limit here, otherwise you might get a heckuva shock when your credit card statement comes in.

Dad: Oh, Ok. I see. How about $x.

Me: Perfect. Thank you.

I came $0.12 under the amount on the first try. There is a nice tidy bag of yarn here for Grammy. I have added some of my stash sock yarns to this bag. She is getting a LOT of sock yarn. We might all be getting socks for Christmas next year. She is either going to love me even more than she does now, or she is going to hate me.


  1. Which reminds me, don't I owe you some yarn money? What's the damage, and how would you like it (paypal, cheque, unmarked small bills)?

  2. Put in a note telling her that patterned sock yarn makes nifty baby hats, and i-pod or cellphone cases. That way she'll have other things to knit with it if she is not inclined to make a bunch of socks :)