Monday, January 08, 2007

Your New Years Resolutions

I was reading Anne Marie's brilliant post where she made New Year's Resolutions for other people.

Here's what she said about making resolutions for other people:
"This year instead of making a bunch of resolutions for myself, I thought I would make some for everybody else. That way, when they are broken, I can be disappointed in someone else for a change."

I think this is a great concept. Just think how wonderful life would be if we could make resolutions for other people that they would actually keep. (Let's just pretend for a moment that no one out there has a dark side. This blog is, after all, called "A Little Bit of Happy" not "A Little Bit of Morbid Fascination".) Wouldn't life be grand? Everyone would treat everyone else with respect and dignity: there would be no inappropriate touching (I'm talking to you - nasty former coworker), no rude drivers and everything would smell like a forest after the rain. (As if.)

So, after some soul searching (who am I kidding, I'm shooting from the hip here), here are my New Years Resolutions for other people:

1. I will not drunkenly stage whisper/yell how much fun I had at the bar whilst walking home at 3am along ******* street on warm nights during the summer. Steph lives on that street and keeps her windows open at night and while I may not have a job with regular hours, she does and she enjoys her sleep.

2. I will refrain from breaking into Steph's shed and stealing anything from her this year. She was very upset about her bicycle last March and has only just stopped sizing up the neighbourhood children.

3. I will pay due care and attention when Steph goes back to commuting by bicycle. Bicycles do have their place on the roads, and as they were invented a good 60 years before the car, Steph is within her rights to get angry when I cut her off in traffic.

4. I will not publish any more delectable knitting patterns and then flaunt them in front of Steph. She has enough to knit and it's getting to be overwhelming.

5. I will, as a member of the government of Canada, make the environment a priority, will legislate strict regulations on greenhouse gas emissions and will see to it that the rebate for making homes more energy efficient is reintroduced. This is for the good of all Canadians and citizens of the world, including Steph.

Ok, maybe that last one is too much to ask, but a girl has to try, right?


  1. Anonymous1:37 p.m.

    I can't keep up with your posts.

    Love the quilts!

    My resolution for others:
    1. If Moe comes into my store/calls my customer service and has an issue that is clearly my fault, I will admit to the mistake and apolgize, and do what I can to rectify the issue. I will be aware the Moe really can't be bothered to go to the trouble if it is not a big deal to her, or if she knows that the concern is her fault.
    2. I will not give Moe unsolicited advice, however well meaning. Especially on matters where it really doesn't make a difference to her quality of life one way or another.

    Thank you. That is all. For now.

  2. Well I must say I hope to break #4 on you. Sorry, hon, but a man's gotta eat.

    I presume that with #5 you mean that they will actually care, and actually work towards some sort of viable solution, rather than just pretending and tooting their own horns as we've seen thus far. Remember when we were kids and we'd figure out how old we'd be in the year 2000? "oh, I'll be 29, sooo oooold, wonder if I'll even live that long?". A few weeks ago Peter and I were figuring out how old we'll be when Harper's totally bogus greenhouse emissions reduction program will be complete. If we take really, really good care of ourselves, we might live to see it. But, probably not.

  3. Yeah… #5 is wishful thinking. We ALL wish it, we ALL keep thinking it will happen but we ALL know who we're dealing with… the environment is a low priority for the current government.

  4. My resolution for other people:

    I will pay attention in my car when approaching crosswalks and leaving driveways, as Lesley is quite tired of hauling the stroller out of my way. And if I am not paying attention I will graciously accept her advice to "start paying attention" and realize that yes I am a total bonehead and no I should not be on the road.

    (sadly we had 3 near misses today alone. I firmly beieve pedestrians should be allowed to carry a bag of small pebbles so that when they are nearly hit by jerks in their cars we can make small dents in their vehicles)

  5. I'll do all I can no #5, but I'm only one man, Steph. Only one man who is not THE man, unfortunately.

  6. Love #5... totally awesome.

    Have you heard of this? (sorry if you have already!)