Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hello? Mr. Physiotherapist?

Ugh. My right hand is giving me issues again. I'm trying to be a good little knitter: doing my stretches, icing my wrist, rubbing the tendons, etc. But I don't have that cool ultrasound machine.

If I could have that ultrasound machine that blasts the swollen tendons, then I would be laughing.

Alas, unlike a swift and a ball winder, an ultrasonic tendon blaster is not something that yarn stores sell.


I've made my appointment for next Tuesday night.


  1. Maybe, we as a group, could pool our resources and buy one together. We could fundraise (ok, we'd HAVE to fundraise) and it would be brought to every KOL night to heal us poor knitters...because stopping knitting is just not an option!!!

  2. Hah! I was just going to say, honey if we lived closer together I'd totally go in with you to get one. I used to have that treatment for my TMJ, and although I don't miss the thrice-weekly slog on foot through the snow at seven a.m. to get to my appointments, I sure miss that darned machine. And I remember so many times, dozing off on that hard table with the warm towel resting on my cheek and thinking, I wish I could have this therapy on my wrists, too.

  3. Maybe yarn stores *should* sell ultrasonic tendon blasters for those with sore wrists and other things. One stop knitting needs!

  4. That's a great idea. Maybe they should just have one at yarn shops that you can use for an hour- kind of like a tanning salon.

  5. Do you have wrist splints to sleep in??