Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What -38 Celsius Felt Like This Morning:

It felt like:

1. Ice in my nostrils

2. Frozen cheekbones

3. Four layers on top, two on bottom (undershirt, turtleneck, long sweater, coat & leggings under my pants)

4. I should take shallow breaths

5. Home

Despite the heating bill, I do miss the really cold weather we got when I was a kid in New Brunswick. It was almost a relief to go outside this morning and feel that kind of cold. You can't deny where you are when it's cold like that.


  1. Anonymous11:41 a.m.

    I have long underwear on, my soft socks, and my "Natty" Toque. So cold. When I took the dog for the shortest walk ever this morning - my nose was running. Of course, I wiped it on my mittens and the snot IMMEDIATELY froze.

    Need more coffee or tea.

  2. Anonymous11:42 a.m.

    Oh, I should mention that I actually have pants, a shirt and a sweater on too :)

  3. I agree, there's something I love about a really cold day. It's refreshing almost. I was fairly reserved on layers though, I had my tuque, my qiviut scarf, my light down jacket, my Gore-Tex shell and my thrummed mitts With just jeans and a long sleeved T. I was okay.

  4. Holy crap! I totally feel stupid for complaining about running in 18 degrees F!

  5. Honestly, I don't care how cold it long as the sunshine keeps pouring into my home like it is today.

    Oh, and I'm actually wearing socks! Guess it must be below 0, eh?

  6. It's so cold my fingers fell off. Then again, so did my nose, so I don't need my fingers anymore.

    Heh heh

  7. Now, I did not actually feel any of the cold, since I did not venture out...but Cam went to school wearing long johns, his knit socks, a tee-shirt, a jogging suit, snowpants, his "big" winter jacket, a ski mask, a scarf and heavy duty skin showing, and he still said he was cold!!!
    But our windows are completely frosted, can't see out at all.

  8. I said much the same thing to my husband while we were in town today. I don't have to be out in this (it was only -17 here) longer than it takes to get between the car and the house or the car and the store, so I don't mind it. Having moved up to Canada from Cincinnati, and not having been in cold weather like this for manymany years, I'm pretty happy.

  9. How is that POSSIBLE??

    You aren't even that far north!!


  10. im glad im not home now. henry's bits would freeze off in that weather....if henry had bits. poor henry.

  11. I am staying in Vancouver...........