Sunday, February 18, 2007

And No One is Missing Any Fingers.

Mr Happy and I had an eventful weekend.

Here's the recap:
Friday night:
- I picked up Mr. Happy's niece (11) and nephews (10 and 8) and took them to Mr. Happy's studio where...
- Mr. Happy was working on a project that I can't blog about yet. The kids thought it was pretty cool.
- The kids and I left early to take Mr. Happy's niece to her basketball practice.

- After breakfast the kids and I made marshmallows. From Martha Stewart's recipe. For the first 10 minutes or so, I spoke in a low pitched monotone so as to give them the full Martha experience.


That's the marshmallows in the pan. We put some food colouring in, but not nearly enough to make a vivid colour. We'll make it better the next time. To the best of their ability, the kids licked the bowl. Marshmallow "batter" (hee hee) is next to impossible to scrape out of a bowl.

Making marshmallows with three kids could have been a nightmare. There is the potential disaster of high-temperature sticky goo (sugar and corn syrup heated to 244 degrees) and the 15 minutes of beating the mixture - this kind of time frame can lead to fist fights. Luckily, these guys are really great for their auntie and uncle. No one was injured and the marshmallows were a success - and only a little bit messy.

Here's the aftermath:

Marshmallow mouth

It wasn't until we were sitting at his sister's basketball game that I realized my nephew hadn't washed this off his face. Most of the stuff around his mouth was gone, but he still had marshmallow on his nose. Seeing this on his nose made me realize that he hadn't brushed his teeth either. Whoops.

- We sent one kid off to a birthday party, then took the other two to their basketball games. Both of them are superstars. Here's the evidence:

#9, kicking butt

That's my niece, about to sink a foul shot, I believe.

- Everything was going along swimmingly Saturday evening, even if it was a bit rushed. All the kids were home from their various activities, the babysitter had arrived for the night (Mr. Happy and I had longstanding plans and weren't able to stay with the kids Saturday night), supper was being dished out and my friend was set to arrive around 6pm to pick me up for a girls night.

At 6:08 Pippin barfed on the floor not once, but twice.

An entire Greek chorus shouted "EW!". OK, not a Greek Chorus so much as three kids and one university student.

The babysitter started to gag. I sent everyone into the dining room and got some cardboard to scrape up the yuck.

The smell hit my nose and I started to gag.

Mr. Happy to the rescue. He managed to scrape it up and take it to the compost bin.

Just as I was mopping up the last of it, my friend arrived.

Ah, that's more like how I pictured it. Chaos and dog vomit. Yeah. Other than that, parenting 3 children is a breeze. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I finished this post while half asleep last night. Blogging while exhausted is not recommended - parently instead of parenting? Yeesh


  1. Leave it to the furry kid. They alway no just when to pitch in ;)

  2. LOL...I can just picture your crazy weekend. Are you ready for kids yet??

    Tee hee

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend. Mr. No Sheep's Cat is named Pippin too... well, I suppose after 7 years, she's my cat too now :). She was named long before the movie.... just had to point that out.

  4. Sounds like a good time had by all!

  5. Anonymous12:42 p.m.

    Hey it's pink! Very nice, very spring!

    Mmm homemade marshmallows.