Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I'm heading to the t-dot* this weekend for a conference and an awards event. No congratulations please, I didn't win the award, I'm just accompanying the recipient.

I'm hoping to have lunch on Friday or meet up some time with this guy - an old friend from home (my academic arch-nemesis from grade school and my first "boyfriend" at the ripe old age of 12). He made an appearance on my blog during the Junos.

For the award event we're having dinner at the CN tower on Friday night. I've been up the tower a few times, but today, the thought of it is making my palms sweat. On Saturday night we're taking the gang out to dinner and then to see The Overcoat (hey Ang, didn't you design this once?).

Friday afternoon, I'm hoping to hit a yarn shop. Where should I go? Any suggestions?

*Whoops - I should say, Toronto.


  1. Hey! I'm going to TO next week for a conference. We lead parallel lives.

    You have to go to Lettuce Knit.

  2. I was going to suggest a trip to Lettuce Knit too...
    Have fun!

    BTW...I really dig the pink (but, since we've met, that should not suprise you)

  3. The food at the CN tower restaurant is absolutely incredible. I am getting hungry just thinking about how jealous I am! I hope you have a great trip...and get something soft at the yarn shop...soft and silky. :) Possibly with nubs.

  4. Lettuce Knit and the Knit Cafe. While you're at it, you can take mu hubby with you too. (He'll be in the Dot for a conference too, sounds like a much less exciting one).

  5. I'm totally thirding the votes for Lettuce Knit. Megan there is fantastic. It's quite a nice little shop - with lots of rare wool (ie. stuff you can't get in this part of the world.)

  6. Nancy designed it!!! We flew to San Fran so I could see it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! One of my all time favourites! You will LOVE it too!! (At least I hope so) If I had money I would fly to TO to see it again. Apparently it is going to Calgary - maybe I can see it there. The lead actor is really wonderful. (He even saved me in the bar in San Fran from some icky icky guy who was hitting on me)
    Oh you are SOOOOO LUCKY!

  7. I miss Toronto. I hear Lettuce Knit is fun. MMMM shopping on Queen West, Chinatown, JavaHouse (if it's still there it's @ Queen & Bathurst...)oooooh, Silver Snail comics....Northbound Leather....Silver Cross....

    Can I come?

  8. Ooops, Java House is at Queen & Spadina

    great, now I will be singing shuffle demons all damn day...