Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Warning: Wordy post - But I think it's worth it to get to the end!

I'm writing this post as I listen to the on hold music at Air Canada. My luggage went AWOL after my trip home from Montreal on Sunday night. I'm starting to get a little panicky as my luggage contains the following:

- My only two pairs of handknit socks (my feet are so very cold)
- My favourite Noro hat
- My Shining star hat and matching mittens (Kate Gilbert's pattern)
- My Clapotis (I know I could make another - but the yarn for that puppy wasn't cheap)
- The yarn I purchased in Toronto

Before I just lock myself into the Pit of Despair with an albino and a sadistic Duke, let me just tell you about all the fun "connections" that happened this weekend.

Connection #1: Fellow passenger, flight to Toronto
The nice lady sitting beside me on the flight to Toronto turned out to be a professor at NSCAD. She is a knitter who knows Ilga Leja. She took a framing course from our dear friend, John. She may have taught my husband during his first year at NSCAD.

Connection #2: Fellow knitter, Lettuce Knit
I'm saving this for last.

Connection #3: Award recipient from Ottawa, Ontario
As I mentioned in my last post, I was in Toronto for an award event and a conference. I travelled with the award recipient from Atlantic Canada, KS. The award winner from Ontario, let's call her Lisa, met us at the hotel on Friday night. After about 5 minutes, Lisa and I realized that she had started her career working for a very dear friend of my family. She had worked there for a 3 years almost 17 years ago! We couldn't believe we hadn't made the connection the last time we met, but it was like old home week.

Connection #4: Fellow conference attendee
KS and I were headed to the conference on Saturday morning. As we approached the door, we met two women who were headed for the same conference. I asked if they wanted to share a cab. A quick exchange of pleasantries later and... turns out I went to high school with one of them. She is best friends with the daughter of someone who worked for my dad. I should remind you that there were under 2000 people in my home town when I lived there.

Connection #5 Fellow passenger, heading to Halifax. (You thought I was done? HA! It just keeps going)
On Sunday night our original flight was grounded as the plane needed repairs. KS and I had been told we would probably have to stay the night in Montreal as everything was overbooked. As we stood at the gate, trying to sort out our next move and making jokes with the gate attendants, (never ever be mean to the person who is in charge of your travelling destiny - s/he could be responsible for getting you on the plane or spending the night in a skanky hotel), a gentleman walked up and asked if he could get on the earlier flight to Halifax. I looked up and realized it was my cousin's partner. "Dr.V? What are you doing here?" He had been to see his son in New York. We chatted and he offered me a drive home from the Halifax airport, if I managed to get on his flight. It was very kind, but I didn't think it would happen. I was sure that KS and I would be eating bagels in Montreal on Monday morning.

Connection #6 Flight attendant
After Dr. V left us, KS and I headed down to get something to eat. Walking back toward the gate I spotted a very familiar face. It was a flight attendant and knitter whom (who?) I know from Tangled Skeins! She came over to talk with KS and I. We told her about our predicament and she wished us well. She said, "I hope you get on my flight!"

What flight did we end up getting out of Montreal? The one with Dr. V and my friend the flight attendant, of course! The best part of the flight home? My friend the flight attendant gave us a wee picnic for the flight (chips, chocolate, wine gums, water). She's the best!

Ok, let's revisit Connection #2:
Friday afternoon KS and I went downtown and, after strolling through the Eaton Centre (buying NOTHING), we headed to Lettuce Knit for yarn and a coffee date.

Lettuce Knit is a fabulous store. They have an amazing amount of yarn in that little space. I fell in love with the shop within two seconds of walking in the door. Stepping inside, I took a deep breath - Mmmmm... It was almost like walking into your grandmother's house and smelling bread baking in the oven.

Moments later our coffee date arrived. We headed next door for a cup of coffee (Toronto's finest - and I'm not exaggerating!) which we then took back with us to Lettuce Knit.

I can't thank Stephanie enough for being such a gracious ambassador for the knitters of Toronto.

Henry's Latest Conquest

Henry could barely contain himself, he was so excited to meet Stephanie. He practically quivered when she held him. I was a little embarrassed, but I don't think she noticed.

Ever since we arrived at home, Henry has been throwing Brazilian Portuguese into his sentences, wearing tight black knit pants and dancing seductively around the living room while holding her photograph. Henry has declared that Stephanie is his "namorada" (a Brazilian Portuguese term which roughly translates as Lover or Girlfriend). If this passion doesn't wane, then I'm going to eventually have to break it to him that she is a happily married woman. I'm just hoping his little heart and fragile ego can take the kind of damage a blow like that will deliver.

Last note:
KS, my "Muggle" travelling companion, announced as we sat there knitting - "I think I want to learn to knit." We sprung into action - selecting yarn, needles - discussing the merits of knitting with larger needles and heavier yarn for the first project. KS left the shop with a ball of Manos and needles. On the plane ride home, she learned the long tail cast on, knitting, purling, tinking and fixing mistakes and had knit about 2 or 2.5 inches on her scarf. She learned all this faster than anyone I have ever taught. Could it have been the Harlotty influence or was KS a master knitter in another life? I'm not sure.


  1. Aside from the luggage fiasco it sounds like and awesome time had by all!
    Let me know if you need a ride to the airport to pick up your luggage when it catches up to you! I've always like visiting the airport for some odd reason.

  2. I want to know how the hell you arranged a coffee date with the harlot???

  3. Oh yeah, and while your hometown may be small, those people seem to get around!

  4. I'm going to Lettuce Knit tomorrow! Should I mention that I'm another knitter from Halifax?

  5. Lucky girl! I would love to have coffee with the harlot. I may have to go to toronto just to have coffee with the harlot!!

  6. Anonymous3:59 p.m.


    That is really awesome!

    Ha. You are so kewl.

  7. That is some serious knit cred!

    I suppose Henry and I are through for real now.

    Tell him I am heart broken and he's not getting the ring back! *storms off in a huff*

  8. Oh wow. I know how you feel about losing your luggage. A couple of years ago I went to Virginia and they temporarily lost mine on the way home - with all the yarn I bought down there. I hope they find your luggage soon.

    I am also intensely curious about how you managed a coffee date with the Harlot? You know, I bet in a knitter's auction, a coffee date and Lettuce Knit trip with her would raise a lot of money for charity!

  9. I'm so totally jealous.

  10. How did you manage to get your knitting needles onto the airplane?! They confiscated mine at Christmas! I wasn't permitted to have them in my carry-on bag. Made sitting out my 3 hour delay quite annoying!

  11. Cool! Although we just have your word that you met the Harlot all I see is a photo of Henry with the Harlot. For all we know Henry flew to T.O. by himself…