Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Offered to be a Yarn Mule

That's the answer to how I ended up having coffee with the Harlot. (Offer to swallow yarn for transportation across provincial borders - see where it gets you.)

In answer to CanKnitian's Canadian Sadie's question about the knitting needles on the airplane: They should not have taken your needles away - they are on the allowed list. Unless, of course, you were using metal needles that had been sharpened into knives, or if your needles contained heroine.

In answer to the "Does this woman even knit anymore?" (no one actually posed that question, but I'm answering it anyway):

For our best man's daughter, born February 12:

Tiny baseball shirt

Pattern: baseball shirt pattern from Knit 2 Together
Yarn: Rowan wool cotton
Notes: Picture is actual size - well, not really, but it's just the cutest little itty bitty sweater. I've got to seam up the sleeve and add the buttons and get this puppy in the mail b/c she's going to outgrow it in about 5 minutes! And look at that pocket. Just look at it! Isn't that cute? What's a baby going to keep in that? A tissue? A pacifier? A copy of "War and Peace"?

For my grandmother:

Starting another Flower Basket Shawl

Pattern: Flower Basket Shawl
Yarn: Duhr, Fiddlesticks?
Notes: I've actually had to rip and reknit since this photo. I mixed up the chart for the FBS with the chart for another shawl. It wasn't pretty.

For me:

Posh Yarn socks

Pattern: Cabled and Ribbed Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Posh
Notes: needles are too big therefore sock is too big. This must be ripped and reknit. *sob*

Happy notes: I recruited Mrs. Extremities to go to the airport with me tonight. There were about 150-200 bags in the lost baggage area. It SHOCKED me. I found my bag within 5 minutes - which seemed miraculous considering that it took the airline 2 days to find it in Montreal and then a day to ship it to Halifax and then... well, they didn't even call me b/c I got to it before they even made the call!

Minou, who has been having a rough couple of days, seems to be on the mend. Get well soon, little girl. We can't have my little god-dog being ill. It just won't do.


  1. was Canadian Sadie, not me... :)

  2. Anonymous8:13 a.m.

    How did an airline lose 200 bags? Isn't that some sort of security risk?

    Everytime we flew with Sophie when she was a puppy back and forth from ON, my heart would be in my throat the entire time scared to death they would lose my "luggage".

    ps. the knits look fab.

  3. OK, you can ignore my e-mail begging for details of the harlot coffee and sending luggage-finding vibes.

    (Read first, then write, Deb.)

    Glad all is found. Beautiful new works in progress!

  4. May I ask were you found your Matelassé bedspread?

  5. My dad actually lugged that bedspread the whole way home from Portugal.

    The next week, I saw the same ones at Sears.

  6. Did you bring her Fleece Artist? :D

    I'm glad to hear they found your luggage. And that Posh yarn absolutely is beautiful. Wow. You really knit some beautiful things. I've been working my way through a Fiddlesticks lace shawl for about a year now. I've had to keep ripping back. And keep getting distracted with other bright and shiny things.

  7. Your socks are going to be spectacular!! That yarn is so beautiful--as is the shawl yarn. So pretty! :)