Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why Mrs. Frozen Extremities Rules

Since I haven't done a "Bits of Happy for Under $10" in ages and ages, here instead is just some of the reasons why Mrs. Extremities is awesome:
  • She will, at a moments notice, drop everything to travel to the airport to "knock heads" during a luggage rescue mission.
  • She owns the Muppet Show on DVD.
  • She supports local musicians, artists, artisans and, um, sausage guys.
  • She volunteers.
  • She is a talented knitter.
  • She doesn't scrub her bathroom floor with kittens, but she can picture what that would look like in her head.
And the number one reason today that Mrs. Extremities rules:

  • When picking me up for work this morning, she arrived carrying a Vanilla Bean Latte from our favourite cafe - Starr's.

I'm so shallow.


  1. AAWWWWWW!!!! You're makin' me all snuffly!!!
    And you rock because you think pancakes make the perfect supper!

  2. I've always thought Mrs.FE rocked, but thanks for a number of reasons to call upon :)

  3. Hee hee, not only are you shallow Steph, you are cheap too. She bought you with a latte? ;) (JOKING!!!!)