Saturday, March 03, 2007

Swimming Pools, Soup and Portraits

We were hit with a winter storm last night - it arrived so quickly that one minute I looked outside and it seemed overcast and the next moment the ground was covered in snow. Mr Happy and I were invited to a dear friend's dessert party last night, but made the decision to stay in - surrounded by homemade marshmallows and two dozen cupcakes. I probably don't have to tell you that we woke up this morning with cupcake hangovers and bits of lint covered marshmallow stuck to our faces.

We also woke up to a cold water swimming pool in our back yard. We've got a serious drainage problem going on back there - Mr. Happy spent part of the afternoon attempting to pump out the water. When I arrived home this afternoon he had set up the pump in a garbage can and was dumping buckets of water into the garbage can. The sump pump won't work unless it is submerged and while there is a lot of water in our back yard, there wasn't enough to cover the pump - hence the garbage can system.

Now, I know that you all love it when I share the boring odd observations of my life with Mr. Happy, and while this isn't another photo of bellybutton lint, this was one of those bloggable moments. This is probably only of interest to me, and perhaps to Jaichan:

Soup Shouldn't Look Like This

That's Squash Soup. Well, when we ate it last night, it was soup. Tonight, on the other hand, it was pablum for grownups. It wasn't until I was almost finished eating it that I held up this spoonful and said, "You know, soup just isn't supposed to look like this." Jaichan? Any explanation? It's squash, broth, potato, spices, onion, garlic, milk. And apparently eggs.

Mr. Happy was drawing while I was eating. I think he captured my face just as I was expressing my disdain over the viscosity of the soup:



  1. Anonymous9:07 a.m.

    I wish I could draw. He captured the disdain perfectly (your expression looks like you have just smelled a fart).

    Ah, the garbage can sump - we had to do the exact same thing 2 thanksgivings ago in the basement of my in-laws house.

  2. What a drawing! I love it -- like a woodcut.

    Those sorts of soups (squash soups, potato soups, green or yellow pea soups) get extremely thick upon sitting. They just require the addition of some water the next time you heat them up. No harm done.

  3. Way to work "viscosity" in. Nicely done.
    And Mr Happy is very talented. But you already knew that.

  4. Great drawing! This should be your Blog picture rather than the cartoon kid.
    Did you have thunder & lighting over there this A.M.(around 2am)?

  5. Were there ducks? I have video of ducks swimming on my lawn. They were actually swimming, not walking. We too have drainage issues.

  6. What a great drawing. I want some of that soup... :d