Sunday, March 04, 2007

How I spent my Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon

The astute among you will recognize that those are homemade marshmallows floating in my homemade cocoa. If it weren't for the lighting you would be able to see that my marshmallows are pink.

Angela may recognize that she gave that plate to me many years ago - and that I gave her a mug that matches this one.

The Flower Basket Shawl is coming along quite well - Thanks for asking. Since this photo was taken, I have reached the first row of the 8th pattern repeat. I'm knitting this on 3.25mm needles. This means that I will need to do about 15 repeats to make this a decent size for my grandmother.

So much matchy-matchness - I thought Martha would be proud.

However, some of you might notice that the icing on my cupcake looks like doggy poo.

You can't win 'em all.

My dad and SM are off to the Dominican tomorrow for the wedding of two dear friends. Have fun guys! And Dad? What's up with the ball caps?


  1. Very matchy matchy - I can totally see that your cupcakes are pink!


  2. That's some pretty living you're doing! Love the pink of it all. So does eldest daughter, who covets your plate, your hot chocolate and, best of all, your yarn. A direct quote: "Mommy, that's pretty pink yarn. Can I have some for my house?" (I knew I liked that kid...)

  3. I may need to pirate that recipe for marshmallows. I told Cam you made your own marshmallows and he's basically HARASSING me about them. So, pretty please may I copy your marshmallow recipe before my 7 year old drives me 'round the twist? Thank you.

    That yarn is very pretty.

    And now I want cupcakes.

  4. You take the most beautiful pics - Martha, eat your heart out!

    What a Sunday full of wonderful!

  5. (clearly getting caught up here)

    hehe doggy poo. ;)

    Love FBS- that is what I knit for my wedding. It is just a beautiful pattern.