Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Moe Masquarade

Moe said she couldn't come to knitting last night, so we were all surprised when she showed up. She's working on a new project. Alison and I were helping her out:

Moe - Knitting

In usual Moe fashion she was the life of the party, sharing anecdotes about Sophie, telling us about her spinning, and staging a mock "fit" when there weren't enough chairs for everyone (Alison may have a photo of that). Here's a photo of Moe sharing a seat with the Sailor and Alison:

Moe with J and Alison

I had brought along some of the homemade marshmallows, so I coaxed Moe to try some. She was skeptical at first:

Moe tries the homemade marshmallows

But after having a bite, she declared that they were wonderful:

Moe likes the marshmallows

Little did we know, this sugar rush would make her very hyper. She stood up on a chair and declared her candidacy for Prime Minister. Then she passed out Moe Buttons - well, not so much passed out buttons as forcibly pinned them on KOLers. Here is Alison, proudly wearing her Moe button:

Moe for Prime Minister

And here is Mrs. Yes, sporting her Moe button. Moe was a bit overzealous and thought that perhaps the baby would like to vote for her as well:

Moe for baby?

Then she pulled out the Moe placards and paraded around the cafe. I think Alison has a photo of that. Not soon afterwards, the sugar rush came to an end and she fell asleep in the corner.

Ah, another wild night at KOL.


  1. What can I say? Like Kim Mitchell, I am a wild party.

    I have a tummy ache and a sugar hangover today from all the marshmallows.

    (I told Alison on her blog that my cheeks hurt from laughing)

  2. Yes Moe, you made quite a scene last night.

    (my sweater photographs weird. just thought i'd point that out)

  3. My shirt looks rather weird as well! Yes, I do have photos of Moe with her placards. I'll get them up tonight. I'm pretty sure she managed to buy my vote.

  4. Hmmmm Looks like Terra has changed her hair! She's looking a little pale though...

  5. bwahaha.... I especially love the marshmellow pictures. :)

  6. You are indeed hilarious, Steph. :)